October 23, 2012
Seih Dilys Chebe and Efon Mandong Epanty, of Laurel, announce the birth of their daughter, Jayne Mandop Epanty, on Oct. 4, 2012, at 11:33 p.m.
By T. Berry Brazelton, m.d. and T. Berry Brazelton, m.d.,NEW YORK TIMES SPECIAL FEATURES | February 11, 2001
Q. My daughter, who is almost 2, is very attached to my husband. When she's sick, she wants her father. When she wants to be held, she wants her father. When she's being put to bed, she wants her father. I drop her off at day care in the morning, and Daddy is the one who picks her up and is home with her and my son (age 6) for about one hour before I get home. I used to be the one who put her to bed, which didn't go well. I asked my husband to start doing it because it seemed as though I was always doing the "bad" things (such as dropping her at day care)
By Kristine Henry,
The Baltimore Sun
| September 3, 2013
Heavy Seas Beer released the following message today: "Many of you might remember Mick Kipp, aka Mick T. Pirate, who provided food at many of our past festivals. Sadly, Mick passed away last spring. Originally we had planned a singular event on September 19th to raise money for an education fund for Mick's daughter, Matoaka.    As with any nautical excursion, sometimes there is a change of course. We have decided not to do a special event on September 19th, but rather to celebrate his life by donating 10% of the net proceeds from our Beer & Bacon Fest and our next 3 festivals to Matoaka's education fund.
Baltimore Sun staff | March 9, 2012
It was business as usual for Patterson junior guard Aquille Carr in Thursday's Class 3A state semifinal game against Tuscarora. At Comcast Center, Carr scored a game-high 24 points in a 70-46 win that sent the No. 3 Clippers to Saturday's state title. The rest of the night - carrying into this morning - was far from the norm for Carr, however.  At approximately 6:35 a.m. this morning, Carr, 18, became a father when his girlfriend, Treshonda, gave birth to a baby girl they named Averi.
By Susan Baer and Susan Baer,Washington Bureau of The Sun Lyle Denniston of The Sun's Washington Bureau contributed to this article | December 7, 1990
WASHINGTON -- One week after a foreign court all but cut off a Virginia father's ties to one daughter in a celebrated family dispute, a court reportedly has taken similar action to distance him from his second daughter.Dr. Eric Foretich, a McLean, Va., oral surgeon and the father in an international child-custody tangle, conceded in an interview yesterday that he had now "lost both children."The two children are a 10-year-old daughter who lives in McLean with her mother, Sharon Sullivan, who was Dr. Foretich's second wife; and Hilary Foretich, 8, who lives in New Zealand with her mother, Dr. Elizabeth Morgan, Dr. Foretich's third wife.
By Mary Gail Hare, The Baltimore Sun | November 5, 2011
In an instant Russell and Kim Hurd went from planning their daughter's wedding to arranging her funeral. Nearly four years ago, Heather L. Hurd was killed by a tractor-trailer truck driver who was texting while driving and slammed into nine cars on a Florida highway. She was 26, engaged to be married and working at her dream job at Walt Disney World. The Harford County parents have channeled grief over the loss of their only daughter into activism that has helped spawn legislation against distracted driving.
By Darren M. Allen and Darren M. Allen,Sun Staff Writer | July 28, 1994
A 32-year-old Westminster man was convicted yesterday of repeatedly raping his daughter when she was 5 and 6 years old.The daughter, now 13, wept quietly as Carroll Circuit Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. convicted her father of second-degree rape and child abuse, and had him handcuffed and taken to the county jail. He will be sentenced by Judge Burns on Sept. 28.Yesterday's convictions came after nearly two days of testimony before Judge Burns, who heard the case after the defendant decided against a jury trial.
By Dr. Modena Wilson and Dr. Alain Joffe | October 8, 1991
Q: I think my daughter may be having sex even though she says she's not. If I take her for a gynecological exam, can the doctor tell me if she's still a virgin?A: It would be very difficult for any physician to answer your question based on a physical exam. Presumably, you are wondering whether her hymen is intact as a sign of virginity. However, there is considerable variation in the anatomy of the hymen during adolescence, making it an unreliable indicator of virginity.Your question raises important points about your relationship with your daughter.
By Knight-Ridder | October 11, 1990
It's not as damn fine as a good cuppa joe or some cherry pie from the Double R diner, but ''The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer,'' by Jennifer Lynch (Pocket Books, $8.95) is still a valuable companion for the true "Twin Peaks" fanatic.Of all the characters in the supersonic prime-time soap opera, we know the least about the murdered Laura Palmer. So Lynch, the daughter of series creator David Lynch, fills in the gaps with a diary that stretches from her 12th birthday until a few days before her death.
By PATRICK ERCOLANO | May 14, 1994
In the title essay of his book ''Fathers Playing Catch with Sons,'' the poet Donald Hall writes:''Baseball is fathers and sons . . . the generations, looping backward forever with a million apparitions of sticks and balls. . . . Baseball is fathers and sons playing catch, lazy and murderous, wild and controlled, the profound archaic song of birth, growth, age and death. This diamond encircles what we are . . . joining the long generations of all the fathers and all the sons.''Yeah, yeah. And what about the daughters, bub?
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