By Nick Madigan, The Baltimore Sun | June 23, 2010
For years, the Koontz family — Ron, Mary and their daughter, Kelsey — was a "pretty close-knit" group. Mary Koontz made "awesome sandwiches" for her husband and welcomed her daughter's friends into their "quiet suburban home," Kelsey, now 17, said in court Wednesday. "I could see the love between my parents," Kelsey Koontz said. "My childhood was fine. It was awesome." But in a few short years, she went on, the family's harmony dissolved into mistrust and recriminations, her parents separated, and Mary Koontz went to live in Florida.
December 21, 2013
Sounds like we'll be seeing Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," in Baltimore in the coming years. At least around parents' weekend. Brzezinski was all smiles this week when co-host Joe Scarborough asked her about her weekend. Why the grin, asked Scarborough — did she travel to the South of France? "No south of France. I was home being a mom. I'm a happy mom … . I have a kid in college. Early decision," she said. And where will her daughter attend?
By Marie Marciano Gullard, Special to The Baltimore Sun | January 5, 2012
Most people, unless headed to a specific address, will simply drive past the two-story row houses that line the curb along Fleet Street in East Baltimore. Few are wider than 15 feet; their only mark of individuality is usually found in the variety of front doors. Many of these houses, dating to 1910, are examples of exterior brick restoration, while others still bask in the Formstone glory of 1940's exterior home improvement. Alex Dyadyura, a computer programmer with Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, purchased one of these houses less than a year ago. Secure in his position after almost three years of service, the time was ripe for moving from his rented house in Patterson Park.
By Ian Duncan and Alison Knezevich, The Baltimore Sun | May 12, 2013
As 2012 drew to a close, a posting on 14-year-old Morgan Lane Arnold's Facebook page warned of the apocalypse. "The world shalt end this year!!!" reads a post on the page, which multiple friends confirmed belonged to Arnold. Her father, Dennis Lane, weighed in a few minutes later: "We'll find out next week if you're right... " Her next post: "Yay. " The world didn't end, but their lives would change dramatically a few months later. Lane was found dead in his Ellicott City home early Friday, and Arnold and her 19-year-old boyfriend, Jason Anthony Bulmer, have been accused by police in his killing.
By Susan Baer and Susan Baer,Staff Writer | October 26, 1992
FLEMINGTON, N.J. -- With just nine days to go before Election Day, independent candidate Ross Perot took his first steps onto the campaign trail yesterday, renewing charges of Republican dirty tricks in revealing what he called his true reasons for dropping out of the presidential race last July.At an exuberant rally of an estimated 25,000 Perot supporters in this small rural town in northwest New Jersey, the Texas billionaire said he received three reports last spring that the Republicans were planning to disrupt his daughter's impending wedding and publicize a "false photo" of her that would "smear" her reputation, a claim he also made on a "60 Minutes" segment last night.
By Justin George, The Baltimore Sun | January 10, 2014
Margaret Pearson doesn't ask the Almighty why violence stole two of her children. "I never ask God that," she said. "Never. " She relied on her faith to endure the murder of her daughter, who was strangled in a hospital room in 1982 while she was being treated for a rare illness that had stolen her basic motor skills. And when her son died last October from injuries he suffered during a robbery in West Baltimore, Pearson turned to God again. Thirty-one years separate the crimes.
October 23, 2012
Seih Dilys Chebe and Efon Mandong Epanty, of Laurel, announce the birth of their daughter, Jayne Mandop Epanty, on Oct. 4, 2012, at 11:33 p.m.
By Jonathan Pitts and Jonathan Pitts,Sun reporter | March 9, 2008
The shingle-style house straddles a hillside, its windows offering sunny views in three directions. Games, books and DVDs topple from living-room shelves. In the kitchen, a young mom helps her 7-year-old daughter feed fabric through a sewing machine. The place seems more all-American home than hideout, but fewer than 20 people know that Michelle Malkin, mother of two young children, loyal wife of 15 years -- oh, and scourge and sometime nightmare of liberals in her newspaper columns, TV spots, books and writings on the Web -- moved to this place in the Baltimore area a year and a half ago. If you're seeking a living symbol of America's rancorous political divide, look no further than Malkin, one of the most popular and provocative voices on the modern right.
By T. Berry Brazelton, m.d. and T. Berry Brazelton, m.d.,NEW YORK TIMES SPECIAL FEATURES | February 11, 2001
Q. My daughter, who is almost 2, is very attached to my husband. When she's sick, she wants her father. When she wants to be held, she wants her father. When she's being put to bed, she wants her father. I drop her off at day care in the morning, and Daddy is the one who picks her up and is home with her and my son (age 6) for about one hour before I get home. I used to be the one who put her to bed, which didn't go well. I asked my husband to start doing it because it seemed as though I was always doing the "bad" things (such as dropping her at day care)
By Kristine Henry,
The Baltimore Sun
| September 3, 2013
Heavy Seas Beer released the following message today: "Many of you might remember Mick Kipp, aka Mick T. Pirate, who provided food at many of our past festivals. Sadly, Mick passed away last spring. Originally we had planned a singular event on September 19th to raise money for an education fund for Mick's daughter, Matoaka.    As with any nautical excursion, sometimes there is a change of course. We have decided not to do a special event on September 19th, but rather to celebrate his life by donating 10% of the net proceeds from our Beer & Bacon Fest and our next 3 festivals to Matoaka's education fund.
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