By Ken Murray and Ken Murray,Sun Reporter | October 28, 2007
Navy and Delaware rumbled up and down the field yesterday for 15 touchdowns, 111 points and 1,087 yards. But in the end, only one number mattered for the Midshipmen. Two. Navy @Notre Dame Saturday, 2:30 p.m., chs. 11, 4, 1090 AM
December 4, 2004
Dame Alicia Markova , 94, one of the 20th century's greatest ballerinas and a co-founder of the English National Ballet, died Thursday in Bath, England. She was working until her health worsened a few months ago, the ballet company said. Born Lilian Alicia Marks in London, she was 10 when she made her stage debut, billed as Little Alicia, the Child Pavlova, referring to one of the world's best-known ballerinas, Anna Pavlova. After training with Serafima Astavieva in London, she joined Serge Diaghilev's Ballets Russes in 1925 at the age of 14 and adopted the more exotic name of Markova.
By Morit Chatlynne | March 24, 1996
Cooking up a storm on the local scene; Linda Brown: Caterer's partnership with restaurateur creates a long menu of culinary opportunities.Linda Brown, who teamed up with Linwood Dame, the local restaurateur, to start Linwoods/Due Catering, is very happy about the variety of culinary choices the partnership will create."
By Ed Sherman and Ed Sherman,Chicago Tribune | November 11, 1990
There is little doubt the 1990s will determine the future of college athletics in the United States. A system that has been racked by recruiting scandals, academic hypocrisy, drugs and a financial morass of red ink is in need of an overhaul. NCAA and college reformers are aiming to bring big-time sports in line with the ideals of higher education. But if they fail, the pursuit of victory at all cost and TV's big money could end the pretense of college athletics and bring about a system of professional sports sponsored by the schools.
March 15, 2002
EAST Kentucky 83 Valparaiso 68 Tulsa 71 Marquette 69 SOUTH Kent State 69 Oklahoma State 61 Alabama 86 Florida Atlantic 78 Notre Dame 82 Charlotte 63 Duke 84 Winthrop 37 UNC-Wilmington 93 Southern Cal 89, OT Indiana 75 Utah 56 MIDWEST Kansas 70 Holy Cross 59 Stanford 84 W. Kentucky 68 Wake Forest 83 Pepperdine 74 Oregon 81 Montana 62 WEST Missouri 93 Miami 80 Ohio State 69 Davidson 64 Wyoming 73 Gonzaga 66 Arizona 86...
By Paul McMullen and Paul McMullen,Staff Writer | November 10, 1993
What's good for Miami is bad for the Orange Bowl. Nebraska's Tom Osborne has renewed the call for a national tournament. Last week, the Fiesta Bowl was considering a New Year's Day with Kansas State as an invited guest, but now it's contemplating its third national championship game in eight years.What would the bowl selection process be without a little confusion?No. 1 Florida State and No. 2 Notre Dame are playing the "Game of the Century" in South Bend, Ind., Saturday, but college football's national championship won't be finalized for another seven weeks.
February 8, 2008
No. School 2007 record 1. Johns Hopkins 13-4 2. Duke 17-3 3. Virginia 12-4 4. Cornell 15-1 5. Maryland 10-6 6. Navy 11-4 7. Georgetown 12-3 8. Notre Dame 11-4 9. Princeton 10-4 10. North Carolina 10-6 11. Syracuse 5-8 12. Albany 15-3 13. Towson 9-7 14. Loyola 7-6 15. Hofstra 6-8 16. Delaware 13-6 17. UMBC 11-6 18. Penn State 5-8 19. Dartmouth 5-10 20. Bucknell 11-4
By Michael Pakenham | December 31, 2000
"Something Special," by Iris Murdoch, illustrations by Michael McCurdy (Norton, 55 pages, $15.95). Only extraordinary marketing avarice or something literarily very special could account for making an entire hardcover book of a 9,000-word short story. "Something Special" meets the justifying criterion. The late and deeply lamented Dame Iris wrote 20 novels plus almost infinite works of philosophy, scholarship and criticism. This is an exquisitely powerful, humane and beautiful short story that richly explores the heart, mind and strengths of a 24-year-old Irishwoman.
By Paul McMullen | May 4, 2001
Predicting the 12-team NCAA field (the NCAA seeds the first eight teams, and the last four are placed in the bracket according to geography): NCAA-bound...Comment 1. Princeton (10-1)...Opened with wins over Hopkins, Virginia and Hofstra 2. Syracuse (10-2)...Only team to beat Princeton; Georgetown tomorrow 3. Maryland (12-2)...6-2 against teams who'll make field or be considered 4. Hopkins (7-3)...Nation's toughest schedule; must beat Loyola for bye 5. N. Dame (12-1)...Played only three teams under consideration 6. Loyola (9-2)
December 30, 2005
"I told my mom that I wanted to make history in college. I made it a little bit. I wanted to leave and have everybody remember my name. I've worked hard on and off the field to try and get where I want to get." Laurence Maroney University of Minnesota running back "You think you've got a guy down, and he throws it 40 yards across the field, and you have to run that far. It's kind of a pain in the butt." Corey McKeon Nebraska linebacker, on the wild, lateral-filled last play of the Alamo Bowl "He flows to the ball.
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