By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun | May 26, 2013
Update: It looks like West was able to prevail, to an extent: At about 9 p.m., Def Jam Records tweeted that a projection would take place on the Walters Art Museum, 45 minutes earlier than the originally scheduled time in what appeared to be an attempt to buck the cancellation announced by city police earlier in the day. Twitter user @Milly_Esquire posted several pictures that appeared to show just that. "Attention Baltimore: Let's beat the cops," Deaf Jam then tweeted at 9:40.
March 5, 2013
Commentator Liz Ryan claims that "the current system of law enforcement in schools doesn't work and needs an overhaul" ("More cops in schools isn't the solution," March 1). I do not concur. While compelled to make spending reductions in other parts of the county budget, one area where I authorized an increase was in the police department budget to increase the number of school resource officers in country middle schools. Eleven of the 19 middle schools currently have SROs, and legislation I recommended this year to the General Assembly would allow slot machine gambling proceeds to be used to increase that number as well as enhance mental health initiatives.
By Liz Ryan | February 28, 2013
In response to the Newtown tragedy in December, the Obama administration proposed a package of reforms, including a proposal to provide $150 million for local jurisdictions to hire new school resource officers (SROs) or counselors and $4 billion for the Community Oriented Police (COPS) program, which can also be used to hire law enforcement in schools. Members of Congress will be considering these proposals in the appropriations process and have introduced a number of others that would authorize more law enforcement officers in schools.
Dan Rodricks | January 30, 2013
Those who criticize the John Leopold case - that it was "too much squeeze for too little juice," a waste of taxpayer money - should read the 40-page memorandum by Dennis M. Sweeney, the judge who presided over the Anne Arundel County executive's trial. It is a superb document that navigates through foggy territory - how and when an elected official deploys the police officers provided by taxpayers for his protection - and draws a clear line between the criminal and the just creepy, between use and abuse.
By Luke Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun | December 21, 2012
Baltimore County police have arrested an 18-year-old Essex man, charging him with the attempted first-degree murder in the shooting of an off-duty police officer. Michael Jabateh, 18, of the 100 block of Commodore Drive, faces eight charges and is being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center in connection with the shooting of Officer Moorer on Dec. 9 outside an Overlea party. Officials did not release Moorer's first name. Jabateh was arrested on Thursday after police conducted a surveillance operation in the 100 block of Orville Road in Essex.
By Katie V. Jones | December 16, 2012
It soon became obvious last weekend at the Westminster Senior Center that there are certainly different approaches to wrapping presents. Westminster Police Chief Jeffrey Spaulding had a no nonsense approach, cutting fast and flipping a box quickly. Detective John Emminizer was more meticulous, helping his 7-year-old companion, Caleb, even the sides and wrap tight. "I do all the gift wrapping at home," Emminizer said with pride. "I'm a perfectionist when it comes to wrapping.
By Andrea F. Siegel, The Baltimore Sun | October 21, 2012
When an Anne Arundel County councilman vowed recently to subpoena the county's new police chief to discuss an investigation within the department, Larry W. Tolliver said the legal demand wasn't necessary. Just call me, the chief said. That low-key approach represents a marked shift from Tolliver's beleaguered predecessor, who appeared before the council after he was subpoenaed and its chairman said its members would consider seeking his arrest if he didn't respond; he came with his attorney and revealed little, citing a continuing grand jury investigation.
By Jill Rosen and The Baltimore Sun | August 21, 2012
Baltimore's Show Your Soft Side campaign has featured the likes of rock stars and pro athletes to convey its message of kindness to animals. But its newest and arguably most popular poster showcases an ordinary city beat cop. The new ad featuring Officer Dan Waskiewicz was only released late Monday, but according to campaign organizers, it's already gone viral. The ad shows Waskiewicz, in uniform, getting a big, sloppy, wet kiss on the cheek from his dog, Bo. The accompanying copy: "When Officer Waz was called out to take down a dangerous dog in Baltimore City, he did the unthinkable.
By David Zurawik and The Baltimore Sun | August 19, 2012
Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana, the executive producers of "Homicide: Life on the Street," return to prime time tonight on BBC America with "Copper," starring Tom Weston-Jones. (That's Weston-Jones sitting with them in the picture above, taken in California where they were promoting the series.) Set in 1864 in New York, the series is cop drama meets frontier saga, and I like it. I loved "Homicide," "Oz" and Levinson's last TV effort, "You Don't Know Jack," a docu-drama look at Dr. Jack Kevorkian, starring Al Pacino, for HBO. But I hated "The Jury," a series the duo did for Fox. They've had some failed projects since "Homicide" and "Oz," but I think "Copper" could be a winner.
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