By Peter Morici | May 27, 2014
To head off a tough bout with stagflation - slow growth and high inflation - the Federal Reserve should start raising interest rates soon. Most economists expected 2014 to be a breakout year. A surge in new home construction was expected to instigate growth and job creation throughout the economy, even as inflation remained reasonably tame. But so far the reverse appears to be happening. Over the last year, consumer prices are up 2.0 percent - nicely within the Fed's target range - but in recent months, food and energy prices have increased strongly.
By Yvonne Wenger and Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun | May 27, 2014
Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts said Wednesday that he'll eliminate 212 officer positions - all vacant - from the department, marking the first significant reduction in the ranks in decades. Shrinking the size of the police force will be offset by new staffing strategies that will put more officers on the streets overnight when crime spikes, Batts told City Council members during a nearly two-hour budget hearing. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake backs the approach.
By Katherine Dunn, The Baltimore Sun | May 22, 2014
Maryland's national women's lacrosse semifinal with Northwestern on Friday pits two of the top draw control experts. Terps sophomore Taylor Cummings will square off against the Division I career leader, Alyssa Leonard, who has 424 draw controls over her four years. Cummings has 210 for her career. Whichever team wins the draw will control the pace of Friday night's game, which is critical to moving on to Sunday's national championship. The No. 1-seeded Terps , who average 14.82 goals per game, like to attack quickly, while Northwestern, averaging 11.05 goals, prefers a slower-tempo, settled approach.
May 8, 2014
As is inevitable in an election debate, the Democratic candidates for Maryland governor stated as facts some things that, to put it kindly, could use a bit more context. We'll parse three of them for you. Brown on the health exchange After being blamed by Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler for the failure of Maryland's health insurance exchange website, Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown accepted that he, along with everyone else associated with it, was responsible. He went on to say, "Nobody was more frustrated than me, and that's why I took the action I did. I reorganized the leadership at the exchange; the executive director left.
By Meredith Cohn | May 6, 2014
Seasonal flu vaccine is only effective if the right virus strains of influenza are included. So the National Institutes of Health are tapping researchers at Johns Hopkins University and four other institutions to find better ways of identifying what's circulating. The result of the effort could be better protection from the flu, which kills thousands annually, and better preparation for an emerging pandemic, researchers said. Hopkins and the other institutions will contribute to NIH's existing Centers of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance with the goal of controlling and lessening the impacts of influenza.
By Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun | May 5, 2014
Baltimore animal control officers would have more leeway to seize dogs, cats or other pets deemed to be a nuisance under a measure the City Council will consider Monday. The legislation, sponsored by Councilman Robert W. Curran, would allow animal control officers to evaluate complaints, such as dogs barking or running loose, and decide whether to take the animal to the pound without having to observe the violation. The animal's owner could get the pet back after a hearing process in the city Health Department, Curran said.
By Mary Carole McCauley, The Baltimore Sun | May 5, 2014
Hackerman House, one of the three buildings that make up the Walters Art Museum , will be closed for about two and a half years beginning July 1, a museum official announced Friday. In addition, galleries housing 19 t h century art on the fourth floor of the Centre Street building will be closed to the public between June 23 and Oct. 25, according to museum spokeswoman Mona M. Rock. It's all part of a long-planned, $5.2 million refurbishment of the museum. Most of the work will involve replacing the 23-year-old fire suppression and climate control systems, Rock said.
April 17, 2014
Regarding The Sun's recent editorial on the Baltimore City Public Schools $31 million shortfall, budgetary issues under any domain are very serious matters ( "Seeing red over city schools budget," April 15). Whenever a group of decision makers without strong and practical fiscal skills are the ones being relied upon for providing oversight and control for making very difficult budgetary decisions, there will always be illogical responses. Why would any competent decision maker consider depleting their "rainy day fund" for resolving operational type issues, especially when that source of revenue is not adequately funded in the first place?
By Arthur Hirsch, The Baltimore Sun | April 11, 2014
The World Triathlon Corporation, which licenses Ironman endurance races around the world, announced Thursday that it will soon take over four Maryland events that have been run by the nonprofit Columbia Triathlon Association, and two other local organizations will likely continue most other events that are on the CTA 2014 schedule. In a release, the WTC, a for-profit company based in Florida, said that what had been the 140.6-mile ChesapeakeMan race in Cambridge on Sept. 20 will become the 12th Ironman triathlon in the United States, with some changes in the race course.
By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun | April 10, 2014
A snowy winter kept the state's brush fire season at bay into March, but now Maryland forestry officials are conducting controlled burns to prevent accidental blazes later this spring. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is conducting burns at Sandy Point State Park and on Hart-Miller Island on Thursday, officials said. Trained forest service crews set the fires using torches fueled by a solution of diesel and gasoline, said  Monte Mitchell, state fire superviser with the natural resources department's forest service.
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