August 4, 2014
I am disgusted by the not guilty verdict rendered in the case of New Jersey detective Joseph Walker, who shot and killed Joseph Harvey Jr. last year ( "N.J. officer not guilty of murder in Arundel road rage shooting," July 30). Clearly, Maryland law was not adhered to in this case. Mr. Walker is a detective in New Jersey. He was in Maryland attending a relative's birthday party with his family, so clearly he was not here on official business. Why was he carrying his gun? He was out of his jurisdiction and off-duty.
By Catherine Rentz, The Baltimore Sun | August 1, 2014
A fish poaching case that began in February 2011 with a discovery of mysterious, illegally set nets full of tens of thousands of pounds of striped bass off Kent Island is finally coming to a close. Two Tilghman Island watermen pleaded guilty Friday in U.S. District Court to illegally taking 185,925 pounds of striped bass from the Chesapeake Bay. Michael D. Hayden, 41, and William J. Lednum, 42, admitted to selling the striped bass for $498,293 through a ring they operated between 2007 and 2011, according to court documents.
By Carrie Wells, The Baltimore Sun | August 1, 2014
A 19-year-old man was charged with attempted first-degree murder this week after police say he attempted to shoot a man in a carjacking in Baltimore. Police said on June 28, a suspect opened the side door of a van that had turned on to the 3600 block of Dolfield Ave. in Northwest Baltimore's Dolfield neighborhood and pointed a gun at the driver. The gun, however, became stuck in the van's door and the suspect was unable to fire, police said. The driver of the van ran away and the suspect, whom police identified as Darnell Gwynn, of Gwynn Oak, drove the van several blocks before firing at a group of people in the 3600 block of Fernhill Ave., police said.
By Julie Scharper and Jean Marbella, The Baltimore Sun | July 30, 2014
John Buch threw away his sons' Ray Rice jerseys. He ripped posters of the Ravens running back from the walls of their rooms. And this season, there won't be any cheers for Rice from the family's Towson home. Since a video surfaced of Rice dragging the unconscious body of his now-wife from a casino elevator, the incident has sharply divided Ravens fans. Rice married his longtime girlfriend, Janay Palmer, the day after he was indicted on assault charges. He later agreed to a pretrial diversion program to avoid jail time.
By Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun | July 29, 2014
State regulators on Tuesday rejected rate increases for taxis and ordered all operators to install new credit-card-reading smart meters by the end of the year. The Maryland Public Service Commission said the new meters will bring more predictability and better service to customers hailing cabs in Baltimore city and county, while providing better financial data for use in future rate reviews. The commission cited the lack of reliable data as a major reason for rejecting rate increases.
By Pamela Wood, The Baltimore Sun | July 28, 2014
Closing arguments are expected Tuesday in the trial of an off-duty New Jersey police officer accused of murdering a Lansdowne man following a road-rage incident last summer in Anne Arundel County During the final day of testimony in Circuit Court on Monday, two law enforcement experts offered opposite opinions as to whether Joseph Lamont Walker, 41, acted reasonably in shooting Joseph Dale Harvey Jr., 36, on the side of Route 3 near Interstate 97...
By L. Anthony Loman | July 25, 2014
Over the past year Maryland's Department of Human Resources has begun implementing a different approach to families reported for child abuse and neglect called "Alternative Response" (AR). Also referred to as "Differential Response," similar reforms to Child Protection Services (CPS) have been implemented in other states during the past 20 years. The common theme of these reforms is a recognition that the situations of families differ substantially and that responses to child maltreatment reports should vary accordingly.
By John Fritze, The Baltimore Sun | July 19, 2014
Before they get a decision in their immigration cases - before they even have a hearing - the tens of thousands of children entering the country illegally will face an increasingly daunting challenge at the heart of a massive backlog in U.S. immigration court: The young immigrants must first find an attorney. Legal groups and immigration experts say the number of lawyers available to represent undocumented children in Maryland and elsewhere is already woefully inadequate to meet the demand - even though many of the most recent border crossers haven't yet begun to enter the court system.
By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun | July 18, 2014
State health officials are urging Marylanders to be wary of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus and, now, the dengue-like virus chikungunya - raising concerns after it was reported in a Florida man Thursday. The chikungunya case is believed to be the first that was contracted in the U.S.; other cases had been reported in people who had recently traveled to areas where the virus is prevalent. That is raising concern over the possible spread of the virus, which is not usually fatal but can cause fever and debilitating joint pain and cannot be treated.
By Pamela Wood, The Baltimore Sun | July 17, 2014
Jury selection begins Friday in the murder trial of Joseph Lamont Walker, a New Jersey police officer accused of the fatal shooting of a Lansdowne man during a road rage incident in Anne Arundel County last summer. The case will go on as scheduled after Judge Michael Wachs dismissed a motion Thursday by Walker's attorneys to have the case dismissed. One hundred and fifty potential jurors have been called to the Anne Arundel Circuit Court in Annapolis for the case, which has drawn attention in law enforcement circles.
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