By Linda Geeson and Linda Geeson,Ocean City Bureau of The Sun | July 14, 1991
No matter where visitors stay in Ocean City, they seem to make at least one pilgrimage to the boardwalk. To some, the boardwalk's function is simply to supply everything the happy beachgoer needs -- from beach towels to boogie boards. For others, especially on bad beach days, the boardwalk is an attraction in itself, with diversions from arcade games to souvenir shopping.This year, though, the 100-year-old resort landmark looks a little different. You'll find that the 2.8-mile boardwalk now is 32 feet wide (before it was only that wide below 10th Street)
BELMAR, N.J. -- It has been more than four years since a ferocious northeaster raked the towns along the coast of New Jersey, the storm's 90-mph winds and pounding surf destroying whole sections of boardwalk.Afterward, some hard-hit towns did what they always did: They simply rebuilt their boardwalks. Not rebuilding was not an option in those towns, which rely on tourists for whom boardwalks are as emblematic of the New Jersey shore as salt water taffy.But other towns, faced with declining state aid and scarcer local tax dollars, began to consider new approaches.
By JACQUES KELLY | July 4, 1994
The Fourth of July just isn't a proper day without popcorn covered with corn syrup.The exquisite aroma of this confection floated down the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, Del. By my seventh summer, I was tall enough to just see over the counter and watch the ladies bring buckets of newly exploded kernels to a stainless steel table for a bath in caramel glop. After an quick airing under the brass blades of an electric fan, it went into black-and-white boxes.July 4 was the real opening day at the ocean.
By Robert Hanley and Robert Hanley,NEW YORK TIMES NEWS SERVICE | October 27, 2002
VERNON TOWNSHIP, N.J. - For those who trek from peak to peak along the Appalachian Trail, this is a definite low point. Aptly called the Pochuck Quagmire, a broad valley of empty meadow and soggy marshland here has long forced hikers to detour and dodge traffic along 2 1/2 miles of shoulderless highway. But now, thanks to years of hard work by a small army of volunteers, the quagmire has been turned into a scenic panorama that is attracting even casual strollers. State officials recently dedicated the new mile-long elevated boardwalk and a handsome 144-foot timber suspension bridge that traverse the meadow and the marsh.
By Julie Scharper, The Baltimore Sun | March 25, 2014
Golly gee whillikers! Looks like we'll be minding our mouths at the beach this summer. The Town of Ocean City will be posting signs along the boardwalk this spring asking people to refrain from using foul language.  "We really pride ourselves on being a family resort, a first class resort for families to come to visit," said Ocean City spokeswoman Jessica Waters. So what happens if you drop your soft ice cream and drop an F-bomb too? "There will not be any kind of punishment for those that curse on the boardwalk," said Waters.  The town council approved the signs at its Monday meeting, Waters said.  Councilwoman Mary Knight proposed posting the gentle reminders after spotting similar signs in Viriginia Beach.
By NEW YORK TIMES NEWS SERVICE | September 18, 1997
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - The beach here is a wide-open secret. Clean and pretty, it is neither too broad nor too narrow, complemented by an ocean that plays frisky but not rough. Yet it is never crowded, even when the boardwalk becomes so thick with tourists that they look like one giant organism.For the people who live under the boardwalk, such a roomy beach is quite a blessing. It lets them poke in and out of their niches without attracting much notice. Alice B. and her two sons, for instance, had a whole chunk of surf and sand to themselves the other day when they left their encampment under the Million Dollar Pier.
By Rob Hiaasen and Rob Hiaasen,Sun reporter | July 7, 2008
OCEAN CITY - Location, location, location. Location: 25th Street and the boardwalk. In the late 1960s, Taylor's parents, Barbara and Sidney Taylor, sat on a wooden bench and watched their seven children play in front of what is now the Crystal Beach Hotel. By the 1980s, they watched their grandchildren play there. At sundown throughout those years, Taylor's father might sit on the family bench with his Bud Light, while his mother might have her martini. "Yes, illegal drinking in public," Taylor says, chuckling.
By Tom Pelton and Tom Pelton,SUN STAFF | June 23, 1997
OCEAN CITY -- This oceanfront resort town -- in the midst of a campaign to polish its sometimes rowdy image -- suffered its first shooting in two years yesterday when a young Pennsylvania man was shot on the boardwalk.Justin Hymon, 18, of Reading, Pa., suffered a minor injury to his buttocks after he and two teen-age friends got into an argument with five young people at 5: 15 a.m., police said."An incident like this is a matter of great concern for Ocean City, because over the last two years we think we've been successful in creating a calmer, quieter more family-friendly environment," said Ocean City Police Department spokesman Jay Hancock.
By Doug Beizer and Doug Beizer,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | October 2, 2003
Most families have their own beach traditions. For some, it is a trek to Ocean City every summer. For others, it is North Carolina's Outer Banks. But for many, Rehoboth Beach, Del., is the place to go to swim in the salty Atlantic and consume the many incarnations of greasy beach food. Just a short drive north from sprawling Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach offers a different experience than its Maryland neighbor. While Ocean City's main oceanside avenue is more than 100 blocks, Rehoboth is smaller with a boardwalk only about a mile long.
By Melissa Harris and Melissa Harris,Sun reporter | May 14, 2008
Buy a tub of Thrasher's french fries, settle into a comfortable bench on Ocean City's boardwalk and watch. On a recent day, empty-nesters walked their designer golden-doodle; a family pedaled a canopied quadricycle; a teenage boy sweated through his T-shirt during a game of Dance Dance Revolution; bikers in mean shades and leather chaps shared a jumbo bucket of Thrasher's; and grandma and grandpa took a post-lunch power walk. Remember that when it seems as if there's nothing to do -- or that you've done it all year after year -- there are always people to watch.
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