By Frederick N. Rasmussen and Frederick N. Rasmussen,SUN STAFF | September 6, 2001
Bedford Chapin, a founder of the Baltimore brokerage firm of Chapin, Davis & Co. Inc. and longtime benefactor of St. Paul's School, died Monday of pancreatic cancer at Gilchrist Center for Hospice Care. He was 77 and lived in Ruxton. Mr. Chapin, who went to work for Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith in 1948, started his own firm as Chapin-Walker with partner Henry Walker in 1952, when the Dow Jones industrial average was hovering near 150. Mr. Chapin was somewhat unconventional for the times, when he relocated his firm away from the Redwood Street financial district.
BEDFORD, Va. - With a tear on his cheek and F-15 fighters roaring overhead, President Bush paid tribute to D-Day veterans yesterday at the dedication of a national memorial to the invasion that began the final phase of World War II. Standing before a realistic representation of the beachfront landing, Bush offered the nation's gratitude to the "scared and brave kids" who took on Germany in the largest air, sea and land invasion in history. The 88-acre National D-Day Memorial opened to a crowd of more than 10,000 on the 57th anniversary of Operation Overlord, the invasion's code name.
By Arthur Hirsch and Arthur Hirsch,SUN STAFF | May 31, 2001
The work of conceptual artist Coleslaw Baklava moves through a dizzying succession of phases, not the least significant of which was his photographic investigation of parking lots. These include close-ups of reserved parking spaces. "They're about status," says A. Clarke Bedford, artist and lecturer, pointing to a slide of an untitled piece known simply as "RESERVED 796." The numbers, you see, the notion of hierarchical structure and, well, it's probably too deeply political to go into fully right here and now. "And then these arrows," says Bedford, showing two slides of arrows painted on the asphalt, "which is all about direction.
January 3, 2001
4Kids: Cool School of the Month MIDDLE SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY AT ITS BEST Congratulations to Harris Middle School in Shelbyville, Tenn.,'s Cool School of the Month. The school's vast Web site at / Schools / bedford / harrisms / index.htm is maintained by sixth-grade teachers Ms. Betsy Norris and Ms. Donna Brock. It supports the school's efforts to integrate technology into every subject matter. Check out the student-created projects, a collection of student Web pages.
By George F. Will | June 3, 1999
YOU CANNOT blame the judge for becoming cranky, as when he denounced a particular pedagogic device in the Bedford Central school district as "terminally dumb." Still, one does not usually come across such dicta in judicial rulings, so consider the concatenation of foolishness that made Judge Charles Brieant waspish, and occasionally foolish himself.In Bedford Central, in suburban Westchester County, New York, some Roman Catholic parents became understandably exasperated but excessively litigious about the nonsense infesting their children's education.
By J. Wynn Rousuck | September 11, 1997
The Millennium Theatre Company, one of Baltimore's newer small companies, will present "The Diary of Anne Frank" at Cupper's coffee house for three weekends beginning tomorrow. Prudence Barry directs a cast headed by Marcie Levin, Gina DiPaula, Greg Seagle and Seth Morrison.Adapted for the stage by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, the 1956 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama is based on the diary kept by teen-ager Anne Frank in the Amsterdam hiding place where she, her family and four others sought refuge from the Nazis.
BEDFORD, Va. -- History put their town on the map 53 years ago in a way the community and those involved have never forgotten. Now, Bedford, Va., is creating a place to help the nation, especially its youth, remember as well.To commemorate what many historians call the most significant event in the 20th century, a National D-Day Memorial will be built in Bedford, in southwestern Virginia. Bedford suffered the greatest number of per-capita casualties of any U.S. community that day, losing 23 of its young men.At the time the town's population was 3,400.
By Knight-Ridder News Service | June 18, 1995
BEDFORD, Pa. -- When Joe Montgomery was growing up in rural Ohio, he had an old single-speed bicycle. Going up hills was mighty tough work.The family's fruit farm sat on top of the second of two steep hills that young Montgomery had to conquer to get home."
By Kris Antonelli and Kris Antonelli,Sun Staff Writer | February 13, 1994
A 24-year-old Randallstown man was shot to death yesterday afternoon behind the former Bedford elementary school, near the Milford Mill Metro stop.Baltimore County police said residents of Bedford Road behind the school, which is closed, called police at 3:06 p.m. after hearing gunshots coming from the school property.Detectives who arrived shortly afterward found Shawn Keith Holmes, of the 4100 block of Dutch Mill Road, on the ground about 100 feet from an abandoned Nissan Pathfinder, said Sgt. Stephen Doarnberger, a police spokesman.
By Knight-Ridder News Service | January 3, 1994
BEDFORD, Va. -- Here at Holy Land U.S.A., there are no rides -- unless you count the wagon and minibus tours.Farm animals in this theme park often outnumber daily visitors. There are no lines for exhibits, no costumed tour guides. No food concessions, fast or otherwise."Bring 5 loaves and 2 fishes and have lunch by the Sea of Galilee," suggests the park's brochure.Finally, the playland as parable.Situated in southern Virginia amid the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains between Lynchburg and Roanoke, this 245-acre replica of ancient Israel is a fantasy land tucked far away from mall-to-mall America.
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