September 27, 2012
Print media holds a special place in our hearts as it chronicles the important social and political trends in our lives ("So young, so pretty: death of a magazine," Sept. 21). The Urbanite was a vibrant and well-conceived print, marketing and social media platform for Baltimore's continuing urban renewal. We need to pause and wonder why we were unable as a community to support this beautiful addition to the print media landscape. Kudos to the Urbanite led by Tracy Ward and her team for taking a bold step in the right direction.
August 7, 2012
Any American who believes putting drones into the hands of the police is a good idea must be out of their minds ("Drones tested for increased domestic use," Aug. 6). Before a municipality buys its first drone, citizens need to take a long, hard look at privacy and safety issues. Of course, the Department of Homeland Security is pushing this technology, and aerospace manufacturers salivate in anticipation of a fabulous new market. Unfortunately, Congress has recently passed a law requiring the FAA to show leniency for drones - clearly a decision bereft of concern for our privacy and safety.
November 23, 2012
On Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending a performance of Mozart's Masterpiece Don Giovanni performed by The Peabody Opera Theatre at the Modell Performing Arts Center. It was a thrill to hear the exquisite voices render Mozart's arias. This was quite a different audience than the usual Baltimore opera aficionados. It was a younger crowd, probably family and friends of many of the performers. As an octogenarian who has been an opera fan, I found it refreshing to see our local institution put on such a professional and musically proficient performance attended by a whole different demographic.
August 29, 2012
Everybody loves a comeback. And we've had quite a few in the past year or so. Against all odds, the Grand Prix is back with new owners and a major sponsor. Denise Whiting, whose trademark of the word "hon" cost her dearly, managed a total turnaround, thanks in no small part to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Even Power Plant Live, long a punch line for serious Baltimore drinkers, has a new look and a fresh lease on life. View the photo gallery Here are seven of the more spectacular turnarounds of the past 12-odd months, as well as things we wish would come back, and a few items we'd never like to see again.
July 5, 2013
The media constantly reminds us of what is wrong with Baltimore. There is the pervasive crime problem, stories of political corruption and educational and environmental issues. But there is something very right about Baltimore that gets very little press and certainly not enough attention from the populace at large. We have several outstanding small theaters in our city. They include but are not limited to Everyman, Spotlighters, Vagabond and Fells Point Corner Theatre. There are others such as Single Carrot, Mobtown and Performance Workshop.
By John McIntyre and The Baltimore Sun | December 8, 2013
With my uncanny sense of timing, I am coming down with some ague on my day off. So I am at home treating myself with sleep, hot tea, and whiskey, and thinking about forgoing the first two.  I also have a pot of chili simmering on the stove against Kathleen's return home from work at Trinity Church in Towson. It is just as well to be home, because the Death From the Sky arrived within the last hour.* I see on Twitter that some of you who endured the brutality of this storm in the middle section of the country are snow-wimp-shaming us Mid-Atlantic sorts, with some justification, but I should explain some things to you.  In four years at Michigan State and six at Syracuse, I understood that people can learn how to drive in snow, even very heavy snow.
By David Simon and David Simon,Staff Writer | March 16, 1992
"You don't look so good," says the cop, smiling. "You look like death."Possum nods, the gaunt face bobbing. The Virus hangs on him, hangs on everything in the rented room. Three decades of firing heroin and thieving and turning over criminals to police at $50 to $100 a head, but it isn't a penitentiary or a bullet or a lethal dose that claims him."Yeah, I been sick, you know," says Possum in a mumble, his stick-leg stretched over a table. "I been sick but I'm back now."Possum, showing some life, talking about working.
March 15, 2001
Player of the Year Carmelo Anthony, Towson Catholic: Anthony may be the area's most complete player. Maryland, Syracuse and North Carolina are among dozen of high-profile Division I programs that have the versatile 6-foot-7 junior near the top of its recruiting wish list. A first-team All-Catholic League performer during the regular season and postseason tournament, Anthony averaged 23.1 points, 10.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists for the Owls, who won the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association A Conference Tournament title and was runner-up to St. Maria Goretti in the Catholic League Tourney.
By Richard Gorelick and The Baltimore Sun | June 29, 2011
"Kitchen Nightmares" is casting in Baltimore and will be accepting nominations and submissions this week and next. Go for it!    
April 19, 2011
The greatest legacy of William Donald Schaefer is that he prevented Baltimore from becoming another Detroit or Newark or Camden. Because of his visionary policies, Baltimore was transformed from a dying, industrial-based city to one driven by tourism, health and IT. He restored hope to a city devastated by the riots in 1968 and by sheer force of will created the conditions that have led to the revitalization of neighborhoods like Federal Hill, Canton...
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