Bill Clinton, Anthony Brown and the 'let them eat cake' Democrats [Letter]

(KAL/Baltimore Sun )
October 05, 2014

So Maryland Speaker of the House Michael E. Busch and fellow "high-rolling" Democrats guffawed at Bill Clinton's joking about the contrast between public housing and the "posh estate" when they were gathered Tuesday night for a million-dollar fund-raiser, reveling in "one of Maryland's wealthiest communities" ("Brown gets boost from Bill Clinton," Oct. 1). And this from the Democratic Party that likes to portray itself as so caring and compassionate, yet is so entrenched in one-party rule as to be only beholden to millionaire donors and lobbyists. What hypocrisy!

It would be well for those living in public housing to rise up on Election Day and reject the rich Democrats and their Marie Antoinette-like merriment at those who can't afford multi-million dollar mansions "with nine full bathrooms."

James G. Howes, Lutherville

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