'Scandal' recap, 'The State of the Union'

  • Jon Tenney
Jon Tenney (Ron Tom/ABC )
October 03, 2014|By Lauren McEwen | For The Baltimore Sun

As expected, we're still in D.C., where Jake and Olivia are full-on doing the couple thing … sort of.

While jogging through the park, he mentions that he booked a hotel suite near her apartment for “booty calls,” because...something about standing in the sun. Olivia objects, but Jake points at Cyrus, waiting for her on a park bench nearby, and calls that a “political booty call.” OK.

A few things have changed with Cyrus – his doctors have forced him to become a vegetarian, for example – but he’s still pretty evil. When Liv preemptively refuses to take the job he’s got planned, he tells her that he pulled some strings at the IRS and deposited a large sum from the U.S. Government into her corporate bank account. Two minutes into the episode and Liv’s been downgraded to booty calls by Jake and blackmailed by Cy.

Anyway, James and Lisa Elliot (a “hero couple,” according to the newspaper) are supposed to be Fitz’s guests of honor at the State of the Union. It’s an effort to drive home his new commitment to gun control. Problem is, they aren’t returning calls and have missed two flights from New Mexico.

Liv tells Cyrus she isn’t afraid of the IRS, but he knows her too well to give up that easily. He threatens to not only have Fitz call her every day, but to tell Fitz that Olivia’s pining for him, which is seriously messed up.

At OPA, Huck and Quinn give us the rundown on the hero couple. James Elliot was a POW who escaped the Taliban by hiking over a mountain range without water or shoes. He met his wife two years before, when he read to her elementary school class. The school wound up being involved in a shooting that sounds a lot like Newtown. Lisa saved 50 lives before being shot in the spine; she’s now paralyzed from the waist down.

Lisa went to about 29 funerals. Six months afterward, she’d recovered enough to have a “fairy tale wedding” that got major press attention. The couple told the press that they were “dedicating their lives to gun control and each other.” Basically, they are perfect….kinda.

When Liv shows up to their New Mexico home (once again, she manages to get clear across the country in what feels like no time), they are having a serious fight. Glasses are thrown, insults are lobbed – Lisa even sprays James with a fire extinguisher before Olivia snatches it from her hands.

They are having the problems that you might expect them to have. He resents the amount of care that she requires from him and she’s upset that he’s not more sympathetic to the fact that she’s disabled. Only, this is “Scandal,” so it’s way more intense than that. He says that her wheelchair made her “a star” and that she sits in it and “rules over [her] paralyzed kingdom,” which she dismisses as whining. Naturally, he brings up the fact that the Taliban tortured him, but she’s tired of hearing that line.

Finally, when he tells her that being captured by the Taliban was better than living with her (!), Liv jumps in and demands the floor. The gist of it is that they are needed at the SOTU because they are the face of gun control to the American people, so suck it up.

Back in Washington, the RNC Chairwoman (aka Lizzie Bear) is livid that Fitz is planning on making gun control the centerpiece of his SOTU address, because they are Republicans. Duh. They stayed mum on equal pay and Fitz took it a step further by nominating a Democrat for Attorney General. (Side note: Can you imagine what cable news would be like if this happened in real life? Definite appointment viewing.)

And where is Fitz? In the back of a limo, waiting on Mellie as she lays atop their son’s grave, wearing a bathrobe and Uggs while eating potato chips. I’m glad Fitz is being supportive of Mellie, for once, but this is a disaster waiting to happen. Sure enough, some paparazzi get photos of her and the press starts questioning Mellie’s mental health.

Across town, Jake asks David Rosen to get him info on the deaths of Harrison and Adnan. Glad someone is on it. David says the investigation is clean, but Jake doesn’t trust that it’s factual, especially since Rowan was at Harrison’s funeral. David, his nomination for AG is up for confirmation by the Senate, says he is 1) busy and 2) wary about being “a known associate of a prolific assassin.” Either way, he agrees to try.

Huck and Quinn are alone at OPA; thankfully, their grossness seems to be over, for now. Quinn tries her best to talk to him, giving him the rundown on the awful Elliots and Liv’s request that the two of them babysit the couple at their hotel while Liv does her thing in the press. But Huck’s still intent on freezing her out  Good. If I can’t get anyone to kill Quinn, at least Huck can be mean to her.

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