With 'play-by-play mentality,' Sherman makes big plays for North Carroll

October 01, 2014|By Matt Owings | Baltimore Sun Media Group

North Carroll wide receiver Zack Sherman has made a name for himself across Carroll County through four weeks of football this fall.

Week 2, the Panthers (4-0, 1-0 county) took down Williamsport thanks to four touchdowns on four receptions and a county-record 294 yards from Sherman.

Since then, he's made his mark on defense, and special teams as well — kicking a 31-yard field goal against Smithsburg that was the difference-maker.

Sherman is undecided about where he'll attend college next fall, but is interested in pursuing either mathematics or accounting as a potential major.

How's the team feeling after its second consecutive season with a 4-0 start?

We're definitely feeling good about ourselves. We're taking it a week at a time. And it definitely, with a new coach coming in, started a little slow — getting used to his ways and all that good stuff. So we definitely started off slow, but we had a lot of participation over the summer in the weight room and summer OTAs and stuff. We definitely got on the same page early in the year, which definitely benefited us.

Like I said, week-by-week, I think we're getting better. We're practicing harder, and that's all we want to do — just keep getting better. We all know what the goal is, we don't really need to talk about it. So we just keep working towards it.

Was the Williamsport performance the highlight of your football career?

So far, yeah. I hope [there's] more to come this year. … The first touchdown started off just a little pass — a quick slant — and I just took it down the field. It was a good start to that game. I didn't know what the future would have held for that game. Right before halftime, I had some single coverage on me for most of the game, and I told our coaching staff, "If you put it up, Jack [Flowers]'s got the arm. I'll get there and I'll make a play." And that's what happened.

Describe the difference in preparation between lining up for a kick and as a wide receiver.

Kicking is a big mental game. I shanked one early this year against Smithsburg. And then I had to line back up for another 31-yarder. Things are running through your head. "Don't miss it again. All eyes are on you."

[At] wide receiver you don't get thrown to every play. Some plays, you block. You just come out with a play-by-play mentality.

Kicking definitely a little bit more nerve-racking because it's all on you, and three points can come up big, as it did in the Smithsburg game. So, [there's] a lot of pressure on you, but I like the pressure.

Choose your favorite sport: football or basketball.

Some may not believe that basketball is actually my main sport. I made varsity freshman year. Football — I've loved them both. I've played them since I was young — I think age six, maybe. … Basketball is definitely my main love.

But football, I just love being out there with the boys every Friday night. Nothing gets better than Friday night lights.

Your two brothers also played at North Carroll. How important was it to keep that family tradition going?

Football is definitely a big thing in my family. My mom, she's wanted to go to [the state championship at] M&T Bank [Stadium] for I don't even know how long — maybe 11 or 12 years since when [my older brother] Chris first got here. Chris's team — the 2008 Panther team that went 8-3 — to put up numbers like they did, because that team was phenomenal in all aspects of the game, is a great feeling, because you're amongst the top teams in North Carroll history. We may not have the best history, but we're definitely trying to create a pathway for incoming people to continue the winning tradition.

What's the season outlook for North Carroll?

Like I said, we take it week-by-week, practice-by-practice, and I know we got a big game Thursday night. Liberty is a quality team, along with the rest of the county. … It's county play. It's bragging rights. We're not taking any game lightly. All county foes are decent teams. We're just going to take it week-by-week, and hope we play our game and come out with a very successful record and, into the playoffs, carry some momentum.

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