Unacceptable force by Baltimore police [Letter]

September 30, 2014

Thank you to The Sun for your hard-hitting, front page article highlighting the abuse of power by some members of the Baltimore City Police Department ("Undue force," Sept. 28). "A disturbing pattern" and "frightful human toll" are apt expressions used in the article to which we must add "unacceptable racist practices against African Americans" to seemingly describe a culture in the Baltimore City Police Department which we all know continues to this day.

We citizens of Baltimore need proof that severe measures are being taken to correct Baltimore's "national reputation of not being a professional and effective department," as you state in the article. We need proof that transparency, accountability and punishment are in effect for rogue officers found guilty of criminal actions. Yes, our tax dollars could be much better spent for recreation centers for our youth than for defending racist cops. A public apology for those Baltimore citizens whose lives have been hurt or lost is also long overdue.

Jim and Margaret Baldridge, Baltimore

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