What about Courtney Watson's record? [Letter]

September 30, 2014

Howard County Council member Courtney Watson attempts to justify her inaccurate and formulaic attacks on the record of her Republican opponent in the county executive race, Sen. Alan Kittleman, record with "I believe that calling out an opponent's record is fair in an election." Isn't it time someone closely examines her record for a calling-out?

How many more not-so-temporary trailer classrooms have been installed during her tenure on the Howard County school board and the council? How many high density developments did she approve in areas with severely overcrowded schools and jammed roadways during comprehensive zoning? What was her reasoning for supporting Department of Planning and Zoning efforts to allow buildings of infinite height along Route One, as long as there is commercial space on the first floor? Should she really take credit for a 12th high school to relieve overcrowding in the northeast — when the school was built in Marriottsville, nowhere near the Route One corridor? With eight years on the council, why did she wait until this election year to suggest that an adequate public facilities task force is needed again?

Getting the details of her record, however, is not easy. Howard County boasts of its technology prowess, yet it can't seem to produce a website that enables citizens to locate information readily. What is it obscuring?

Susan Garber, Laurel

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