Eric Holder's lucky he didn't go to jail [Letter]

September 29, 2014

Finally! With Eric Holder's resignation, thus ends the embarrassing reign of the nation's top attorney ("The Holder legacy," Sept. 28).

Charged with upholding the properly enacted laws of Congress (which express the will of the American people), Mr. Holder, along with his equally responsible chum, President Barack Obama, arrogantly chose not to uphold or defend several laws like the Defense of Marriage Act. Argue what you will about the same-sex marriage issue, it was not Mr. Holder's job to decide what should or should not be. That's the job of Congress.

He should be glad he doesn't go to jail. I don't see how failing to uphold the law as the U.S. Attorney General is anything less than criminal.

Good riddance. We can only hope that a person who understand the office will be appointed next.

Michael T. Burns, Finksburg

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