The glory of reading [Letter]

September 27, 2014

I really appreciated Lynne Agress' article on reading and agree with her regarding the importance of reading in our children's lives ("The gift of reading: give it to your kids," Sept. 22).

We can't always have a say in what our children are taught outside the home, but we can oversee what they are putting into their minds at home, and it is vital to encourage a love of books.

A lot of parents read to their toddlers and young children, but it seems like most children get busy with "growing up" and out of the habit of reading at home except for schoolwork.

Dr. Ben Carson's mother made her boys do a book report on two books a week. Our kids are so busy with extracurricular activities that it might be hard to keep up that regimen, but one alternative could be oral book reports at dinner in which each child gave some sort of presentation about whatever they were reading.

I have been very impressed with the Carson Scholar's Fund and the Carson Reading Rooms. Dr. Carson and his wife continue to invest in the future of our nation by growing their reading and scholarship programs that so many children love. They are is one couple who actually walk the walk.

Jan Thompsen, Seattle, Wash.

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