Ravens official's comments just mire the team deeper in scandal [Letter]

September 27, 2014

Regarding the Ray Rice scandal, Ravens president Dick Cass said in the team's rebuttal to an ESPN article critical of the team that he "did not think that pretrial intervention would prevent the [second] video from becoming public. I assumed that would eventually occur in any event" ("Steve Bisciotti, Ravens issue rebuttal to ESPN report," Sept. 22).

Yet he says he declined to request a copy of the second video, which shows Mr. Rice punching his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer.

Let's think about this: The president of an NFL franchise knows there's an incendiary video out there that could very well embroil his franchise in a firestorm.

But he doesn't want to see the video for himself before it goes public (which he says he assumed would happen) so that his organization could at least have a clear idea what it was dealing with?

What is one to conclude here except that Mr. Cass is either lying (possibly about several things) or that he doesn't know the first thing about crisis management?

During his news conference Monday, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said: "When your integrity is questioned, it's pretty humbling. Last week, it was our competence being questioned."

Unfortunately for Mr. Bisciotti, Mr. Cass' prepared comments continue to call into question both the organization's integrity and its competence.

Rick Mercier, Raleigh, N.C.

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