Ill-considered thoughts on suicide [Letter]

September 26, 2014

The recent commentary regarding suicide ("Explaining the inexplicable: suicide," Sept. 23) implies that Jean-Paul Sartre was influenced by Adolf Meyer's ideas ("Sartre saw in Meyer's depressive reaction what he called a "de-differentiation"). It reminds me of a door-to-door salesman who tells me my neighbor just signed up for his product without merit and flashes his clipboard with a list of signatures. Is this true and can I please see my neighbor's signature on your clipboard?

I honestly don't know and don't care. So the depressed person has an "unwillingness" to let go of a negative incident? Yes, let us go back to theories of the early 20th century and blame the depressed person for their suffering. Let's ignore decades of research and (pitifully limited) progress into the research of mental illness and reinforce the debilitating stigma.

The rest of the op-ed just repeats thoughtless words. I was fooled by a credential of psychologist who had written a book. It is a product without merit.

Valerie Jackson, Ellicott City

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