Costello hardly the best choice [Letter]

  • Eric Costello, President of the Federal Hill Residents Association, was nominated by a selection committee to fill a vacant seat on Baltimore's City Council.
Eric Costello, President of the Federal Hill Residents Association,… (Gene Sweeney Jr., Baltimore…)
September 26, 2014

As resident of Federal Hill and a member of the Federal Hill Neighborhood Association, I hope that The Baltimore Sun will examine the nomination process by which Eric Costello was selected for the Baltimore City Council ("Young accused of favoring candidate," Sept. 25). Of 14 candidates, he is the only one with letters of opposition. One of the letters was signed by 16 people. While City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young says that the selection was made for a candidate who would represent his constituents well, the evidence clearly suggests otherwise. His record as a neighborhood association leader is one of conflict and ineptitude.

Bill Carruth, Baltimore

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