Sun tough on Ravens, easy on Obama [Letter]

September 25, 2014

Regarding The Sun's editorial, "Ravens' story shifts" (Sept. 24), I'd like to make two points. First, anyone who reads the sports section for the past 30 years would now that batteries, assaults, burglaries, DUIs, drugs, etc. have been a part of the college and NFL scene for years. Except for the "elites" (especially women's groups and the media) now being upset by a video, nothing is new and nothing will really happen except a lot more wasted verbiage.

Secondly, I wish The Sun would put as much energy into President Barack Obama's shifting on issues as it has on the Ravens. Calling the deficit "unpatriotic and irresponsible" under George W. Bush but "sustainable" at twice the amount is a prime example. What has he done to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize he accepted (which he should not have)? What about the scandal at the Internal Revenue Service with Lois Lerner and another IRS official pleading the Fifth? Did they do so for no reason? I could go on, but your ideological ears are closed.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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