Five reasons to check out 'How to Get Away With Murder'

It's a long way from 'Paper Chase,' to this class of first-year law students

September 25, 2014|By David Zurawik | The Baltimore Sun

Five fast reasons to check out "How to Get Away With Murder," the newest drama from Shonda Rhimes.

1. Culturally, it is fascinating to see the shift in authority figures from John Houseman's Prof. Kingsfield in "Paper Chase" (1973) to Viola Davis as Prof. Annalise Keating in this series four decades later. Also, intriguing is the shift in how Hollywood portrays first-year law school and the kinds of students one finds there.

2. No producer in the history of network TV has had a whole night of prime-time dramas coming out of her or his production company until this year with "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal" and "Murder" all coming from Rhimes shop.

3. What a savvy bit of counterprogramming by ABC against "Thursday Night Football" on CBS. Even with time-shifting, I think the all-Rhimes lineup could make a dent in the best laid NFL plans of CBS.

4. Viola Davis is a powerful screen presence - almost too strong for TV. But she commands thre small screen like few actors can.

5. This is a very sexy show by the standards of network television. Think of it as a gut check as to how you feel about sex on network TV.

Check out the video for my review of the pilot.

It premieres at 10 tonight on ABC.

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