Save the McKeldin Fountain — for parkour [Letter]

September 24, 2014

I'm a practitioner of parkour and the owner of Urban Evolution Baltimore (a parkour gym), and the loss of the McKeldin Fountain from the Inner Harbor would be very unfortunate ("McKeldin Fountain, a threatened Baltimore landmark," July 31). It's rare that architecture in cities is both interesting, beautiful, and usable for traceurs, so gems like McKeldin Fountain are treasured among our community. From the beginning of my practice more than eight years ago, McKeldin Fountain has been an inspiring place. The many different levels, surfaces and railing have made it an ideal spot to advance one's skills and teach new practitioners. The loss of McKeldin Fountain will only be compounded as the parkour community expands throughout Baltimore and the world, since the fountain has the potential to become a major attraction for practitioners of the discipline.

I really hope that the city sees its way through to refurbishing the fountain rather than destroying it.

Adam McConnell, Baltimore

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