More news, less Ray Rice [Letter]

September 24, 2014

Enough of the Ray Rice thing. Does anyone really care that an overpaid jock and his fiancée had too much to drink and started spitting on and hitting each other? It happens every day, and nobody cares until it becomes another Baltimore homicide and the public learns that the woman asked for a restraining order but the judge said no. Then we learn that the boyfriend was out on bail for murder. Now all the anti-assault groups get fired up. Until that happens again, I guess we'll keep hearing about Ray Rice.

Why is there no outcry for the resignation of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake or Police Commissioner Anthony Batts over the cop beating up the citizen, on camera, and two more cops standing by watching ("Baltimore officer is suspended after video of beating is released," Sept. 16)? Why is it only the NFL commissioner and the Ravens' owner who must be sacrificed to appease the outraged crowd? They all said, "we didn't see the video."

Why do the sports writers, and in some cases I use the term "sports writers" loosely, feel the need to endlessly report on this event rather than covering the Orioles who, if no one noticed, won their division — or the rest of the Ravens who have not beaten up anyone except the Steelers and Browns.

It is one thing to report the news, but how about giving the public a break and report the rest of the news like weather disasters in the Southwest, wildfires in the West, atrocities in Iraq and Syria and maybe some real sports news. Today's front page was nearly filled by the Ravens owner trying to appease the outraged crowd.

If you want to get outraged about something, how about the NFL's tax exempt status? Those poor folks really need a tax break.

Patrick M. Lynch, Glen Burnie

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