Hogan bashing is typical liberal bunk [Letter]

September 24, 2014

I strongly disagree with letter writer William Knapp who bashes Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan for promising to create jobs for the middle class and cut taxes ("Hogan's plan for Md. doesn't add up," Sept. 21). He's worried that Mr. Hogan might cut services or cut pensions or cut salaries and benefits of police and firemen — you know, the standard liberal diatribe against anybody who might be conservative and threaten liberal spending programs.

There is no evidence that Mr. Hogan would or could cut any of those items, but one thing he could cut would be spending on illegal immigrants entering this state — dumped here by the Obama administration to the illegal immigrant sanctuaries that are Baltimore City and its surrounding areas. Let's call it what it really is: the liberals want these immigrants here only for one reason, to have a reliable Democrat voting base once they are granted amnesty through President Barack Obama's pending executive action after the November elections. It's all about ensuring that the Democratic elites stay in power in the state at the expense of the working class.

Mark Wilson, Fallston

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