Divest from fossil fuels now [Letter]

September 24, 2014

What good news! The morning after more than 400,000 activists turned out to protest climate change, major philanthropies pledged to divest from fossil fuel ("Philanthropies, including Rockefellers, and investors pledge $50 billion fossil fuel divestment," Sept. 22), demonstrating how the tables are turning in this false controversy over the environment vs. the economy and jobs. The Rockefeller Fund and many others have recognized there is no question that the economy will fail miserably if we permit climate change to continue unabated. We have already seen the devastating economic consequences of such catastrophes as Hurricane Sandy, massive drought, floods and forest fires in much of the United States, to say nothing of the typhoons, mudslides, fires and floods wiping out many other areas of the world. And now comes the recognition that investment in fossil fuels is a losing game. Investment in renewable energy sources is the only practical, sensible, wise direction for investors of all kinds, big and little. Countless jobs will be created.

Urge your city, your state, your university, your church administration, your business and your mutual funds to withdraw from any investments in fossil fuels — for the sake of the world's most vulnerable peoples, for the sake of all other species, for the sake of future generations and yes, for the sake of jobs and the economy. The time is now.

Sylvia Eastman, Baltimore

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