Bisciotti needs to wake up [Letter]

September 24, 2014

What a joke! Steve Bisciotti and Roger Goodell are making a big deal of not seeing the second video of Ray Rice punching his fiancée in the elevator of the Revel Casino ("On the defense," Sept. 23). Did they not read the police report saying that Mr. Rice struck his fiancée in the face and rendered her unconscious? Does anyone need to see a video after reading that? Are they stupid? Unconscious? Or just interested in seeing the Ravens win games and make money for the team and the league?

And now Mr. Biscotti is pouring tears for Ray's wife as the wife of an unemployed man. How sad! But apparently it hasn't occurred to Mr. Biscotti that last year, the veteran running back received $22 million upfront from his new contract — in addition to all the millions he received in previous contracts. Is he for real moaning about Mr. Rice's current unemployment? Give me a break!

I used to think that the Ravens organization was a fine, upstanding organization. Wrong. I have lost all respect for the Ravens (and I never had any for the NFL). When are these people going to wake up to reality?

Arlene Gordon, Baltimore

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