Dean Ambrose shines On RAW

September 23, 2014|By Aaron Oster

When Roman Reigns went down with injury, we knew someone would have to step up to take his place as the No. 2 face in the company for the time-being. Based on Monday night, that person is going to be Dean Ambrose.

At the beginning of the show, Ambrose came out to run down Seth Rollins and say how much he wanted to get his hands on him. Then John Cena came out, as Rollins cost Cena on Sunday, and said he wanted some revenge as well.

The Authority then came out, saying that Rollins wouldn't fight tonight, but instead of waiting, both Ambrose and Cena attacked, chasing Rollins to the back, to the point where Rollins had to drive off. Matches were made for Ambrose vs. Kane, and Cena vs. Orton.

During the Ambrose/Kane match, Ambrose was going to win, when Rollins returned and attacked Ambrose. Despite getting beat down, Ambrose was able to get up, and make sure Rollins couldn't continue the attack.

When Rollins went backstage, Ambrose attacked more until security restrained him. Stephanie had what might have been the line of the night, reminding Triple H that every time someone in wrestling is kicked out of the building, they show up later that night, so she had Ambrose confined to a room with security instead.

In the main event, Orton faced Cena. Eventually, Kane and Rollins got involved with this match as well. They had brought down a box earlier, which was teased to have the cinder blocks that Kane and Rollins had been using lately. Instead, when they went to get those, Ambrose popped out, and went after both Rollins and Kane. Ambrose and Cena stood tall at the end, with Ambrose's music playing.

It's rare that a wrestler's music both opens and closes the show, but that's exactly what we saw on Monday with Dean Ambrose. The fact that his music played instead of Cena's at the end says a lot about how much the WWE is willing to put behind Ambrose, as that's extremely rare for someone to get top billing over Cena.

While Reigns might only be out six weeks, it's six weeks that could end up allowing Dean Ambrose to shine, if Monday is any indication.

The Rest of RAW:

- Dolph Ziggler regained the Intercontinental title from The Miz. This was rather confusing, after having Miz win it the night before. Why even bother with the title switch at the pay per view? Occasionally you might see this if a face wins at the pay per view when it's a heel-heavy card, but that wasn't the case at Night of Champions. It just seems odd. An interesting note, this was the second time (out of four reigns) that The Miz held the Intercontinental title for only 24 hours.

- Mark Henry lost once again to Rusev, this time passing out in the Accolade. Before that, the match was well-done, as the two even started brawling around the ring at one point. I don't understand why the match at Night of Champions wasn't booked like this, allowing Henry to look strong and passing out instead of tapping out. It might have added more juice to the feud instead of, as it seems now, ending it.

- Nikki Bella came out and called out her sister Brie. Nikki ran down Brie some more, and even demanded that she get sole rights to the Bella name (I'm really hoping that the feud doesn't turn into a match for naming rights).

Nikki faced new Divas champion AJ in a match that, for the most part, was pretty good. Nikki is becoming the new powerhouse diva, and was hitting moves like an Alabama Slam on AJ. Of course, she also used a ludicrous move where she just used her butt to lean on AJ, so it wasn't all good.

But overall, it was pretty good, and AJ won with the Black Widow. Paige was on commentary for this match, so clearly that feud is nowhere near done.

- Sheamus and The Usos beat Gold and Stardust and Cesaro. The ending was a lot of fun, with the Usos getting to fly around the ring and to the outside, before eventually pinning Goldust.

- Jack Swagger forced Bo Dallas to tap out for the second straight week. Zeb taunted Bo after the match.

- Adam Rose teamed with The Bunny to beat Heath Slater and Titus O'Neal.

- Natalya beat Summer Rae in a Total Divas-based match. 

- The “Next Generation” that the WWE had been hyping on Twitter turned out to be a commercial for the WWE 2K15 video game.

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