Orioles' Steve Pearce says his sore wrist 'feels night and day better'

September 22, 2014|By Eduardo A. Encina | The Baltimore Sun

NEW YORK -- Orioles first baseman-outfielder Steve Pearce said he expects to return to the starting lineup by Wednesday afternoon against the Yankees.

Pearce was scratched from the starting lineup before Saturday’s game against the Boston Red Sox with a sore right wrist. He had X-rays that night — which were negative — and also received a cortisone injection.

Pearce wore a brace on his right wrist before Monday’s game, but he said the wrist is feeling much better and the effects of the injection are taking place.

“It feels night and day better,” Pearce said. “The injection is working, and probably in the next couple of days, [I’ll be] on the field.”

Pearce hasn’t swung a bat since he was scratched Saturday, but Orioles manager Buck Showalter said ideally he would like to see Pearce take batting practice, go through a regular pregame routine and then make sure he still feels good the next day before putting him back in the lineup.

Pearce, who could take some test swings Tuesday, has a history of wrist issues that are believed to be aggravated by the large number of swings he takes before games.

He went on these disabled list twice last season with tendinitis in both wrists, and he has cut back on his swings this season. Coaches have limited him to 25 swings in the indoor cages before batting practice.

“I have [cut back], but they have to keep an eye on me,” Pearce said. “It’s just hard work to do. It’s hard work to stay out of the cage.”

Showalter joked that he was going to have to make sure Pearce was in a small hotel room on the road so he wouldn’t sneak in some swings away from the stadium.

“They have to keep an eye on me, but it’s funny,” Pearce said, laughing. “It’s one of those ongoing jokes we have.”



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