Crisis prompts life lessons from UM health providers [Letter]

September 22, 2014

It is during times of crisis that we see the very "best" in our fellow Americans. First responders and other heroic professionals routinely surprise us with tremendous and often unexpected acts.

The University of Maryland Shore Regional Health System represents an often overlooked group of medical professionals who perform such acts every day. My father recently suffered a massive stroke and was admitted to Shore Regional Health's Easton facility. We do not yet know whether he will survive, but we are certain he could receive no finer care.

Having visited numerous medical facilities throughout my military career as well as in civilian life, the team at Shore Regional Health is that rare combination of professionalism, compassion and competence. Easton and the surrounding area are extremely fortunate to have this tremendous resource.

More than 50 doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals are assisting my father and our family. Shore Health's approach in providing comprehensive, community-based care is a stellar example of how our often maligned health care system can overcome the negative and unproductive rhetoric surrounding it.

I am equally confident that Shore Health cannot accomplish our nation's health care goals in isolation. As a nation and as individuals we must plan better for the possibility of health crises such as my father's.

We must reflect upon personal lifestyle choices and recognize that these same choices are equally responsible for our angst surrounding health care costs and availability. It is our responsibility to learn more about our local health care providers to determine where they may need assistance, either through direct donation, support for hospital fundraising events or through volunteer hours.

Shore Health has served as both a tremendous catalyst in support of my father's care and teacher to myself and my family. It has taught me to strive to be a better husband, father and citizen and to better prioritize what is most important — the health and emotional well-being of my family.

Scott Mack

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