Hogan's sloppy thinking [Letter]

September 22, 2014

I have not missed a primary or general election since I was old enough to vote more than 50 years ago. I am well aware that political ads are frequently misleading. However, after teaching mathematics for 44 years, I am annoyed at how GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan reaches a completely illogical conclusion about the number of people who would move out of Maryland if they could.

In his ad, he asks a roomful of Republicans how many of them know someone who wants to move. When nearly half of them raise there hands, he concludes that nearly half of Marylanders would move and he is troubled by it.

Using this logic, if he asked the group how many people know a woman who lives in Maryland, he would have to conclude that every person in Maryland is a woman. Similar questions and conclusions would be that every couple has two children, owns a foreign car, is six feet tall, etc.

In short, the ad makes me question whether Mr. Hogan can think logically.

William Boyle, Middle River

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