Show respect for anthem [Letter]

September 22, 2014

Roy Valiant is totally correct about the anthem being disrespected by Orioles fans ("Stop desecrating the anthem," Sept. 18). But I would like to go a step further.

At many sporting events, unfortunately, it seems, most often at NASCAR events but others as well, the performer changes the anthem to "make it their own." This works well on "American Idol" where the contestants are encouraged to do so. But not with "The Star Spangled Banner." That should be left alone.

"Free" and "brave" are one syllable words. Please leave them that way. I know the song is difficult to sing but don't change the tune to suit you, the performer. Keep to the correct music and the correct words, please.

Show some respect for our National Anthem.

Clay Seeley, Owings Mills

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