'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap, 'The Day of Jacqueline'

  • Dina Manzo of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."
Dina Manzo of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." (Alex Martinez / Brazo )
September 22, 2014|By Jessica Evans | For The Baltimore Sun

The ladies trade in the "Garden" for the Sunshine State, as they head to Florida for vacation.

Teresa G. is interested in selling her house and downsizing to a new one. So she and Gia, her daughter, look for a new, smaller house. The term "smaller" is used very loosely; this new house is about 8,000 square feet compared to her current home, which is about 12,000 square feet. In the master bathroom there is a bidet and Teresa asks Gia if she knows what that is and then she demonstrates; Gia is very embarrassed.

Teresa G. doesn’t go to Florida with the girls so she can stay home with her family.

Dina is sad Teresa G. doesn’t go to Florida, but she finds the trip a good opportunity to bond with Melissa, Nicole and the other Teresa. While in Florida, Dina wants to talk to the other Teresa about the rumor how Rino cheated on other Teresa with other Teresa’s mom. Teresa says she doesn’t want to know any rumors that regard her personally.

Melissa is loving life in the Florida sunshine. She gets really drunk at dinner and is very entertaining.

Amber originally doesn’t go to Florida because she has to get blood work done to see if she is in the clear again for cancer. After the visit, she finds out she doesn’t have cancer. She calls Dina to tell her that she and Jim are coming to Florida, which makes Dina nervous because she knows Amber knows the Rino secret. She is worried history will repeat itself and Amber will tell everyone about the rumor.

The Twins get in an argument about whether or not they like hearing rumors that are about themselves. Nicole wants to know rumours that are being said about her and other Teresa does not. Dina doesn't end up saying the rumour so we’ll next week whether or not the secret is revealed.

Jacqueline, one of my favorite veteran "Jersey" housewives, returns this episode. Jacqueline, who used to be best friends with Teresa G., reaches out to her via text message to see how she is doing. Teresa replies in a nice way but it’s not the response Jacqueline is looking for. Kathy Wakile comes over, with desserts of course, to talk to Jacqueline about her relationship with Teresa G. Lately, Jacqueline has been working with her son Nick, who has autism. Kathy then takes Jacqueline to the development where she is building her new mansion. Jacqueline says she is moving and downsizing because Nick’s therapy sessions are very expensive. I missed Jacqueline and hope she is around more this season.

Next week will be interesting when Amber and Jim arrive in Florida. I sense drama.

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