John Harbaugh defends Ray Rice handling, says Ravens got it right

September 21, 2014|By Jon Meoli | The Baltimore Sun

Ravens coach John Harbaugh was asked after the team's 23-21 win over the Cleveland Browns whether a recent report that he wanted to release former running back Ray Rice shortly after his Feburary domestic violence arrest was true.

Harbaugh initially didn't answer, calling it a "football day," and said he would address it Monday. Then he elaborated, and defended how the team handled the situation.

Here is his full comment on the ESPN report:

"This is a football day, Jeff. This is definitely a football day. I’ll address that question tomorrow. I can tell you this — Kevin [Byrne, senior vice president of community and public relations] told me not to answer any questions, but I can tell you this. We work together in our organization. I’m going to go ahead and answer this question, OK? Every single football decision we make, we work together. Just like every football decision, you get together, you hash it out. Ozzie [Newsome, general manager] uses the term scrimmaging. You scrimmage it out. Everybody’s got their opinions. It’s not black and white. It’s never nuanced on anything. That decision was exactly like all the other ones. And we walked out of that room, we were united, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and that’s how I felt about the decision. I thought it was the right decision. And the way we handled it, all the way through, I felt like was the right way to handle it all the way through. I felt like we did the right thing, and I stand behind it. That’s all I’m going to say about it."

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