Hogan's plan for Md. doesn't add up [Letter]

September 21, 2014

Larry Hogan held a fundraiser recently featuring New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and there are a few things Marylanders should consider before they jump on his bandwagon ("New Jersey Gov. Christie comes to Maryland for Hogan," Sept. 17).

What Mr. Christie didn't talk about was how New Jersey just had its bond rating reduced from AA- to A+ because of its $2.4 billion budget deficit — while Maryland continues to maintain a AAA rating.

He claimed the economic climate in Maryland is terrible, but he doesn't mention all the successful companies that either call Maryland home or have significant operations here employing hundreds of thousands of people.

They include Under Armour, McCormick Spice, T. Rowe Price, W.R. Grace, Domino Sugar, the Ravens, the Orioles, Lockheed Martin, the Maryland Port Administration, Black & Decker, Solo Cup, Power Electronics, Medimmune, John Hopkins Medical Institutions, Medstar Health, Verizon, Northrop Grumman, Constellation Energy, Legg Mason and Micros Systems. And the list goes on.

In his first TV commercial, Mr. Hogan said his three top goals were to create jobs, bolster the middle class and cut taxes. Later in the same ad, he says his first order of business would be to cut spending.

Exactly what spending does he propose to cut? Does he want to reduce pension benefits for retired employees who spent their careers working in public service? Would he cut the salaries and benefits of police, firemen, teachers and other public employees who are dedicated to maintaining the quality of life we have in Maryland?

And how would he create those jobs? Does he want to cut spending on infrastructure? The state should be committing more money, not less, to improving infrastructure that will ultimately attract even more big business to Maryland. Now that would be a good investment and it would also create jobs.

William Knapp, Bel Air

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