Is Larry Hogan a politician or not? [Letter]

September 21, 2014

Larry Hogan, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, presents himself as someone who is strongly against politics as usual. To strengthen this claim he asserts that he is a small businessman "not a professional politician."

I wonder what he considers a professional politician to be.

He was a delegate to the Republican national convention four times. He also ran against Rep. Steny Hoyer for Congress (and lost).

But his most extensive political activity was as appointments secretary in the Ehrlich administration. In this capacity he was involved in the appointment of some 7,000 individuals at every level of government, including judges and other cabinet members.

So is he a politician or not? I guess your that depends on your definition of the term. From my point of view he is definitely a politician. And his use of the term "professional politician" is the kind of misleading phrase that indicates business as usual.

Liz Dunn, Parkville

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