Baltimore man pleads guilty after series of armed robberies

September 18, 2014|By Carrie Wells | The Baltimore Sun

A Baltimore man pleaded guilty this week after investigators tied him to a series of armed robberies earlier this year in Northeast Baltimore.

After one of the robberies, Thomas Mims, 53, was found in a car matching descriptions given by witnesses and led officers on a high speed chase, prosecutors said. Mims was ultimately taken into custody after he was trapped in a cul-de-sac by police amid the chase and was shot in the arm by an officer after speeding toward police who approached on foot.

According to the plea agreement, Mims robbed a Rite Aid on Belair Road on February 3 by demanding money from a cashier and gesturing toward his waist to suggest he was armed. The cashier ran away and after initially trying to run after her, Mims fled the store and drove away.

Later that day, he walked into Foreman Mills, a store also on Belair Road, and demanded money from another cashier, lifting his shirt to display the butt of a handgun. The employee ran away with the cash drawer into a back office, and was followed by Mims, who had a gun in his hand. Mims also demanded a customer of the store give him her purse and Mims pointed the gun at the customer and pulled the trigger when her fiancee intervened by pushing Mims away. The gun did not fire, prosecutors said. Mims robbed another customer of her purse in the parking lot at gunpoint as he left.

Later on the same day, Mims went to the Rainbow Shop on Erdman Avenue and took $400 from the register at gunpoint, putting his finger on the trigger of the gun and telling the cashier she better not have lied to him about there not being more money.

Mims was later involved in the high speed chase with police when witnesses called 911 to report a description of his vehicle and officers found one matching the description. After the chase, police-involved shooting and arrest, police executed a search warrant at his house and car and seized a loaded handgun, two ski masks, and clothing worn by a suspect in an earlier robbery at a Subway restaurant on February 1, according to the plea agreement. Other items believed to be stolen from a robbery at Walgreens on February 1 were also found.

Mims pleaded guilty to robbery and using a firearm during a robbery and faces a mandatory minimum sentence of seven years consecutive to any other sentence imposed, and a maximum sentence of life for using a firearm during a robbery, as well as a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for the robbery. He is scheduled to be sentenced on December 16.

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