Hogan, Dems have dueling attack ad websites

September 18, 2014|Erin Cox | The Baltimore Sun

When an opponent launches a site attacking your candidate's credibility, what do you do?

You launch a competing one, of course.

Before Republican Larry Hogan even announced his new site that decries Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown's attack ads as lies, the Maryland Democratic Party ferreted out the site's likely URL this morning. And then the Democrats launched their own site, with just one letter differing from Hogan's.

At stopbrownslies.com, voters can see Hogan's petition to ask local television stations to stop airing ads Hogan says distorts his record on a half-dozen issues.

Over at stopbrownlies.com, however, voters can see a tiny-print article from the 1980s that Democrats say bolster their argument about Hogan's views on abortion.

"We purchased the other web page to help get the message out about Larry Hogan's real message," said Jared Smith, spokesman for the Maryland Democratic Party.

Hogan's campaign spokesman Adam Dubitsky pointed out the 30-year-old newspaper page from the Prince George's County Journal also has an advertisement for 10.33 percent interest rate at a savings and loan institution, "both of which are extinct."

"Anthony Brown said this election is not about the past, except when it's about digging up misleading articles from the Reagan administration," Dubitksy said.

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