Ravens bungled the Ray Rice case from start to finish [Letter]

September 17, 2014

In an organization that relies heavily on the acceptable behavior of its employees to support its mission, there are generally accepted ways to deal with a crisis. First, if an employee is found to be in violation of the "acceptable behavior," deal with it immediately.

The Ravens were told by the NFL that Ray Rice was suspended without pay for two games. Last Monday, after the video tape of Mr. Rice hitting his wife in an elevator became public, the Ravens terminated his contract.

The Ravens leadership should have announced its disapproval after it saw the elevator scene and continued his suspension until a thorough review of all of the facts — including the controversy surrounding the handling and access to the video — were fully vetted.

Then the organization could take the action that was demanded in a well thought-out manner. Today the actions so far taken by the Ravens leadership look reactionary and overly sensitive to the public outcry that is so typical today.

Taking the time to review and discuss all of the facts would have accomplished a better outcome while acknowledging the horrible incident, demonstrating respect to the victim and recognizing the challenges that lay ahead for a long-time employee.

Carl D. Roberts, Perryville

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