Baltimore should adopt star-spangled slogan [Letter]

September 17, 2014

If Baltimore can repeat the successes of Sailabration and the Star-Spangled Spectacular on a continuing basis, what an achievement it would be ("A spectacular weekend for Baltimore," Sept. 15)!

I live at the Inner Harbor and enjoyed watching my neighborhood become the focal point of the weekend's historic commemoration. As far as I know, everything went well, and it was a delight to witness such a sea of happy faces everywhere.

Recently, Councilman James Kraft suggested a new slogan for the city — something like "Baltimore — Birthplace of The Star-Spangled Banner." That's a terrific suggestion (although I would shorten it to "Baltimore — Birthplace of the National Anthem"). The proposed slogan would allow Baltimore to take ownership of the song that defines our nation. It's an inspired idea.

I've seen Baltimore monikers come and go and usually said "good riddance" when they disappeared. Actually, some were an embarrassment. "The City That Reads" and "The Greatest City in America" come to mind. When I still see this false boasting on benches, I cringe. But "Get in on it" was the worst one of all.

Baltimore has so much to offer yet we need to communicate better. It's amazing what's taking place everywhere. However, letting folks know about these happenings in timely fashion is a city-wide failing. For over 10 years, I published a community calendar and provided free publicity but for some reason folks could never get me their information on time. With a better spirit of cooperation and pride in our history, we could do great things.

Rosalind Heid, Baltimore

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