Great Baltimore cocktails: The Lonesome George at Bad Decisions

  • The Lonesome George.
The Lonesome George. (Evan Siple, Baltimore Sun )
September 17, 2014|By Evan Siple | For The Baltimore Sun

Fells Point's self-appointed cocktail-nerd bar Bad Decisions recently rewrote its "Booze Bible" -- a rather sizable tome of original alcoholic creations that is constantly being added to and revised.

From sophisticated blends to twists on the classics, all entries in the Booze Bible have one thing in common: an exceedingly zany (or in some cases outright offensive) name. One lengthily dubbed mezcal-based concoction that caught my eye is known as the Lonesome George's eHarmony Profile.

Let's just call it the Lonesome George for short.

The Lonesome George is actually named after a tortoise — a Pinta Island tortoise, specifically — that was the last of his kind. For his last 20-plus years on Earth, scientists searched far and wide to find a suitable breeding mate for the ancient turtle, with little success. George died in 2012, which is tragic, but now in 2014 a suitable cocktail has been created in his honor.

Mezcal (tequila's smokier tasting cousin) and Aperol (an Italian aperitif, heavy on the orange and herbal flavors) are blended with fresh lime and grapefruit juice over ice, and garnished with freshly ground salt and pepper. The Lonesome George is a challenging cocktail, with mezcal smokiness kicking right up front with a bit of sweetness from the other ingredients, but finishing with that signature grapefruit bitterness. Owner John Reusing chimed in as I remarked at how strong George was as a cocktail, noting, "Yeah it's bitter and lonely — just like George!" Poor George.

However, if this cocktail were to serve as the nearly extinct reptile's online dating profile, wouldn't we want to spruce it up a little bit to make the elderly tortoise seem more fun and exciting? A little bit of simple syrup to sweeten the dark, depressing bitterness? No? Personally, I found the flavors to be sophisticated enough to not need additional padding. I feel like I know George for who he really is with this damn fine hairy chested drink. Based on a turtle.

How to make a Lonely George's eHarmony Profile

1 1/2 oz. mezcal

1/2 oz. Aperol

1/2 oz. fresh lime juice

2 oz. fresh grapefruit juice

Lime wedge

Salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients over ice, shake, strain into glass over ice. Garnish with lime wedge, freshly ground pepper and salt.

Where to get a Lonely George's eHarmony Profile

Bad Decisions

1928 Fleet St., Fells Point



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