Baltimore County police search for second suspect in 'extremely violent' attack

Court documents say victims stabbed more than 70 times

  • Carlos Lomax is charged in the murder of Charles Mitter and Tyray Wise in Rosedale.
Carlos Lomax is charged in the murder of Charles Mitter and Tyray…
September 15, 2014|By Jessica Anderson | The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore County police continue to search for the second suspect in a double killing in Rosedale last month.

Charles William Mitter, 39, and Tyray Avia Wise, 26, were stabbed more than 70 times in a dispute over $25,000, investigators wrote in court documents. Mitter also was shot several times.

Police charged Carlos Lomax, 45, a few days after the killings. But police said Lomax, who is Mitter's stepbrother, had an accomplice.

The second suspect is described only as a black man, 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-8, wearing a black jumpsuit with white socks, according to charging documents filed in District Court.

Police did not release any additional information about the suspect.

"These murders were extremely violent," detectives wrote.

The investigators said Wise was alive for a time after the attack, during which she was stabbed more than 50 times. Mitter was declared dead at the scene. Wise later died at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

The double killing was one of three incidents in an unusually violent eight days last month in Baltimore County, which has reported 19 homicides this year.

In the early hours of Aug. 25, officers were called to Mitter's apartment complex the 9800 block of Whitney Drive, where, according to the court documents, he and Wise were stabbed with what might have been a screwdriver or a pair of scissors.

A witness was at the apartment during the attack and answered the door when Lomax arrived, according to the documents. The witness got Mitter, who opened the door and asked Lomax, "What are you doing at my home so late at night, I have kids and a wife here."

The witness said the men got into a fight when Mitter tried to close the door and the witness then heard several gunshots. During the encounter, Lomax kept asking Mitter and Wise "where the $25,000 was," and the second suspect continued to stab Mitter. Both men searched the home for the money.

The men left and Wise told the witness to lock the door and call 911 from her cellphone.

The witness was later at Mitter's mother's home, where family had gathered after hearing the news, the documents said. His mother had photographs out when the witness noticed Lomax in one of the pictures, and said to Mitter's mother, "that's the guy."

The document said Lomax was released in January 2013 after serving 21 years for attempted murder.

His attorney could not be reached for comment.

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