Car windows shot out in West Baltimore

Residents stumped by overnight spate of smashings

  • Police officers investigate a car with its window shot out in the 2200 block of N. Dukeland St. Around eight cars in the area were hit.
Police officers investigate a car with its window shot out in… (Ian Duncan, Baltimore Sun…)
September 15, 2014|By Ian Duncan | The Baltimore Sun

A rusted old Chevy Impala fell victim. As did a new red Cadillac. And a block over, Thomas Saunders' gold Grand Caravan also was hit.

On Monday morning, residents in one corner of West Baltimore woke up to find that someone had shot out their car windows.

In the chilly air, a group of police officers looked over the damage and took reports. Neighbors, on their porches and in the street, looked on.

"This used to be a really nice street," Saunders, 57, said.

In all, police counted at least eight damaged cars in the 2200 blocks of N. Dukeland St. and N. Koko Lane. An officer said the weapon looked to be a BB gun — real bullets would go right through a car — and a tiny hole in the window of the red Cadillac seemed to support the theory.

On Dukeland, only cars parked on the west side of the street had been hit; on Koko, vehicles on the east side were the targets.

Police headquarters had no further information on the incident Monday morning.

No one seemed to have heard much of anything except for Lee Bethea, who said he heard a whooshing sound followed by a crashing about 4:30 a.m. He thought nothing of it, he said, because cars often scrape a speed bump in the street.

Bethea, who considers himself an unofficial neighborhood leader, said his car did not fall prey, but he had the beginnings of a plan should the vandal's return.

"I'm thinking about getting me a camera," he said.

On Facebook, residents across town reported a similar string of incidents overnight. Users reported damaged cars in the 200 block of N. Kenwood St. near Patterson Park, and another said he counted eight with windows shot out on cars parked on Baltimore Street.

On Dukeland, Deanna Contee, 46, stood near her boyfriend's Toyota Avalon, which had the back driver's side window blown out, leaving glass by the rear wheel. Contee didn't hear anything, she said, and only learned about the damage when a neighbor knocked on her door.

"We don't know who did it," she said.

Saunders said the corner of the Panway/Braddish Avenue neighborhood, with its two-story houses and small fenced-in backyards, was usually quiet but had been suffering in recent months with joyriding teenagers.

"They've been off the hook all summer," he said.

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