Ravens are poor managers [Letter]

September 15, 2014

It seems to me that the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens' staff are severely lacking in management skills ("Ravens executives address Ray Rice investigation in exclusive interview," Sept. 10).

I believe that most people feel that consistency is the key to good management. You can be a micro-manager or laissez-faire one as either can be a great manager but if your employees do not know what to expect whether it be to go hard one day and easy the next, one is judged as having poor management skills.

It appears to me the Ravens leadership team fits the description of "poor management" perfectly. I am not here to judge Ray Rice, but I do have empathy for him. Between the NFL, the Ravens staff and the press, this has turned into a degrading media event that has dragged on endlessly, an event that should have been taken care of decisively and immediately.

Nelly Greene, Baltimore

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