'Real Housewives of New Jersey' recap, 'There Will Be Bloodwork'

  • Amber Marchese-- (Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo)
Amber Marchese-- (Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo) (Alex Martinez/Bravo )
September 15, 2014|By Jessica Evans | For The Baltimore Sun

It’s still wintertime in New Jersey and the Garden State ladies can’t wait to escape to Florida. But first, drama must happen before they go to paradise.

As always, Teresa G. is staying strong for her girls during this difficult time and wants to keep life as normal as possible. In the car on the way to school, older daughter Gia tells Teresa G. how proud she is of her, and how she is staying strong for the family. So many feelings!

After Gia is dropped off, Teresa G. tells younger daughter Audriana, who is also in the car, about how Gia is a great big sister and how mommy and daddy are going through some difficult times. However, Audriana is too distracted by an iPhone to pay attention to what her mom is saying. 

Teresa G. becomes really tired of Amber sympathizing for her and her family (more on that later). She ultimately decides not to go to Florida with the girls because she has too much going on in her life. Ya think? At the end of the episode, Teresa G. confides in Dina what Victoria told her and Amber about Rino sleeping with other Teresa’s mom. Such scandal in Jersey!

Dina is struggling with losing a man in her life -- not her estranged husband Tommy, but her assistant Luke, who is returning to Ireland to be with his family. Before he leaves, he helps Dina get her chihuahua, who doesn’t have front legs, into his doggie walker. On the limo ride over to the airport, Luke, Dina and Lexi all cry.

Dina later goes over to other Teresa’s house for dinner. She says she is tired of people always asking how Teresa G. is doing and is worried Teresa G will have a breakdown. She is also understanding of Teresa G. and her decision not to go to Florida but is sad because she knows she’ll be left with the crazy women. I can’t wait!

Melissa is in the process of building her new home with her husband, Joe. We get to see the sketches of the house -- and the word “house” is an understatement. It's a castle. Joe wants a bigger house, but Melissa doesn’t. Such a struggle!

Amber attends Ash Wednesday services with her family. Ever since being diagnosed with cancer, she says, she's attended church more often.

While in church, Amber decides to call Teresa G. to let her know she is thinking about her. She then begins to ask every question under the sun about Teresa G.’s situation. Teresa G. becomes aggravated, because it is the same conversation over and over again with Amber. We get it Amber -- you support Teresa G.

Teresa G. also says that Amber reminds her of Jacqueline Laurita.

Amber has to go check to see if her breast cancer has returned. After the appointment, her doctor says he needs to see her again for more testing. Amber is scared about what the future may hold, and decides not to go to Florida. If she finds out she is in remission, she needs space. Understandable.

Nicole was just there in this episode. She didn’t really have a storyline. It was nice to not hear about Bobby, though.

Rino explains how his prostate exam went. However, Teresa can’t pronounce the word and calls it a postrate. Rino also gets a colonoscopy done, so Teresa has to take care of him. She wants to make a martini out of the liquid you have to drink before the procedure. Honey, I don’t think that’s how it works. In case you were wondering, Rino has a clean colon and should be a poster child. Wonderful.

Next week, as the ladies head to Florida, the housewives dive more into the scandal of Rino allegedly sleeping with other Teresa’s mom. Also, the Lauritas make a return, and  I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

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