Ray Lewis says 'what Ray Rice did was inexcusable'

Former Ravens linebacker weighs in on Ray Rice situation again

September 14, 2014|By Aaron Wilson | The Baltimore Sun

For the second time since a graphic video surfaced of former Ravens running back Ray Rice punching Janay Rice in a casino elevator, retired linebacker and ESPN NFL analyst Ray Lewis has commented on the domestic-violence incident.

Rice's $35 million contract was terminated by the Ravens on Monday. He has been indefinitely suspended by the NFL.

"This is a tragic situation what Ray Rice did was inexcusable," Lewis said Sunday morning on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown. "There's no room in our world for what we've seen. If I was to close my eyes, one thing I remember vividly was my mom being beaten. The one thing I also remember is not one of the men who beat my mom was in the National Football League. This is not a football problem. This is a world problem. Every nine seconds a woman is being brutally beaten. It bothers me a little bit when we're the focus of this attention.

"We all know Ray Rice did something horrific. You can't get away with hitting a woman, but that didn't start with Ray Rice. We have to find a way to stop violating women. That's where it starts. As a child, my greatest motivation was to make sure as a man, not an NFL man, that a man never put his hands on my mom again."

Lewis also commented on the discipline of Rice from the NFL, which has assigned former FBI director Robert Mueller III to investigate the handling and pursuit of evidence, including the video, in the Rice case.

"When you hear all this speculation, we want to be judge, we want to be jury, what sometimes you have to do is step back and let the race run itself out," Lewis said. "When it runs itself out, somebody dropped the ball. If Ray Rice told the truth, then somebody dropped the ball. Somebody didn't share something. When we come back to grab this thing and figure out this thing, how do we stop men from hitting women in our country?"



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