Has The Sun forgotten 9/11? [Letter]

September 14, 2014

I am outraged! On Sept. 11, 2014, I had to get to page 15 of The Sun to read a small article about the New York commemoration of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The front page had the Ravens, the Pride of Baltimore II, President Barack Obama's speech on ISIS (at least you valued the president and know that the Middle East is still a war zone), Baltimore's youth curfew and a Lifebridge ad. But no story about 9/11!

Page 2 had Dan Rodricks article about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall. Surprising, because Dan usually gets it right, but he wrote about the NFL and not 9/11. Then we go to page 8, Ravens. Page 9, Ravens. Page 16 the headline: "Will we forget?" An editorial, at last, but it is about the Ravens and not 9/11!

Page 17, Commentary, and at the top of page, finally! "Transformation and Remembrance through song" (Sept. 11). But still, three-quarters of the page is taken up with another commentary about the Ravens and a Susan Reimer column about the Ravens. Susan usually gets it right; did she forget 9/11 too?

Maybe if, as a country, we valued our families more than we value overpaid sports figures, we would be remembering our fellow citizens who lost their lives, our dedicated first responders who lost their lives, and all the people who survived but paid a price for our freedom!

Maybe your priorities should reflect the real world and not the fantasy of sports!

Domestic violence is a very serious problem, affecting all socioeconomic groups and religions in our country. Don't confuse it with football and it's image!

Sheilah Kalderon, Owings Mills

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