Ray Rice needs counseling, and so does his wife [Letter]

September 14, 2014

Susan Reimer's commentary on Ray Rice and his wife Janay was informative and balanced regarding the domestic violence video that surfaced recently ("Janay Rice stands by her man," Sept. 10).

I agree that it is not productive to take an abuser's employment and status away. Mr. Rice is attending counseling, which he definitely needs. Hopefully, Janay Rice is doing so as well.

Perhaps the NFL needs to do what the Catholic Church has done in cases where serious crimes are committed by those they employ: Let state authorities adjudicate the matter while providing all relevant evidence and assistance.

The state should have charged Mr. Rice and not bypassed the severity of his actions with a less than adequate court appearance. In most states where domestic violence occurs, the state can charge without the victim's support.

That would have allowed for Mr. Rice's redemption and re-entry to the team after a season, and it would have been a more productive way to impress upon players the seriousness of their actions. I hope the NFL learns from this situation on how not to handle players who have committed crimes.

Pat Ranney, Millersville

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