Rice gets railroaded, dehumanized [Letter]

September 14, 2014

What I saw in the Ray and Janay Rice elevator tape was a man who was intoxicated and whose judgment was impaired ("NFL investigation into Ray Rice video raises more questions," Sept. 11). He was probably too drunk to lift his wife out of the elevator. Clearly, alcohol abuse can lead to domestic violence. But on the basis of one incident we do not strip a man of his humanity and throw the "domestic violence" playbook at him for all time. Relationships must be judged on an individual basis. Janay Rice does not appear to be a shrinking violet. She has the support of family and friends. If she stays or leaves the relationship, it will be on her terms.

The Ray Rice incident was adjudicated in Atlantic City. After which, we all became the judge and jury and started to dehumanize this young man. No punishment was too great, and he was stripped of his livelihood. The whole incident became a TV show to discover which pundit was "holier than thou."

One benefit to Mr. Rice as he puts his life together is that he may be leaving the sport with his hips and knees intact.

Marcia Kargon, Baltimore

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