How the Orioles can clinch the American League East on Tuesday

September 13, 2014|By Dan Connolly | The Baltimore Sun

The Orioles lost Saturday and the Toronto Blue Jays won.

That means the Orioles’ magic number the combination of wins and Toronto Blue Jays losses for clinching the American League East stays at five.

To be able to clinch without having to sweep the Blue Jays in their three-game series starting Monday, the Orioles would need to win Sunday (or get some outisde help from the Tampa Bay Rays this week). The earliest the Orioles can clinch is Tuesday.

Basically, if the Orioles have a magic number of four entering the Toronto series, then so long as the Orioles win two of three against Toronto, they eliminate the Blue Jays. The Orioles magic number over the Yankees is currently four. With a win Sunday night, that would drop to two. But if the Orioles were to lose Sunday, the Yankees elimination number would stay at four. So the Orioles would need the Yankees to lose Monday and Tuesday at Tampa Bay while the Orioles beat Toronto both nights to clinch the East by Tuesday.  

It sounds confusing, but it could end up as pretty easy math. Beat the New York Yankees Sunday, win two of three against Toronto and pop the corks.

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