Governors group takes aim at Hogan over education

September 13, 2014|By Erin Cox | The Baltimore Sun

The Democratic Governors Association has put $750,000 into an advertising campaign questioning Republican nominee Larry Hogan's commitment to education.

The national group works to elect Democrats, but the ad released this past week never mentions the party's nominee in Maryland, Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown. Instead, the advertisement focuses on Hogan's position that the state cannot afford an expanded prekindergarten program, which is the signature issue of Brown's campaign.

"Around here, we need a governor who understands that education makes Maryland work for middle-class families, but instead of investing in our kids, Larry Hogan says that we should give corporations $300 million more a year in tax breaks," the ad says.

Hogan's campaign has focused on economic issues and rolling back some of the taxes passed under the O'Malley-Brown administration, including an increase to the corporate tax rate.

Hogan's camp, meanwhile, said the association's attention was a clear sign that their campaign is gaining momentum in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1.

"Brown's campaign is faltering, and he needs outside support," Hogan campaign spokesman Adam Dubitsky said. "It's a sign that he's in deep trouble. If he were not in trouble, and if the state wasn't in trouble, there would be no reason for the DGA to spend a dime in Maryland."

Brown has significant ties to the DGA given that his current boss, Gov. Martin O'Malley, was the association's chairman from for two years and its fundraising chair during 2014.

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